Lovers or Friends?

What are we, friend or lover,

I feel so far from you, not knowing if we are together,

You said when we got together it would be forever,

Forever is cut short, as you know you can't be faithful, not at all,

You would prefer to ask for attention of a guy you don’t know,

Instead of getting the affection of your lover you act towards him, as you’re a foe.


Are you my friend or lover,

Someone who I can trust and rely on for all the mad moments in my life,

Instead, your on sites to hook up with men, and giving me a knife,

A knife to stab myself in the back, you can't even do that.


Are you my friend or lover,

Someone who can my share funny times, and share my hard times,

Someone who can catch my tears from all the crying.

Are you the one who rather be in love with someone who's bipolar,

Than someone with a beach body, instead of a dead man's army.


Are you my lover or friend,

A friend who will keep my secrets for me to the end for me to see.


No your not my lover or friend,

A real lover and friend would not be so mean,

Unfortunately, you have a very mean strike in you,

You try and bring this upon me too,

I won't be lowered to your games,

As you sit there and try and make me go insane,

Your lies, fake cries, and of course, your misleading eyes that make me think you love me,

Are not welcome in this domain or my life.


You are more than just a lover or a friend, you are far worse than these,

You are a liar, and someone that only pretends to be as such,

You are the thing that makes me feel awful,

You are the very thing that keeps me finding my sanity.


I now know what I need to do,

This is for me to get rid of you,

And make a fresh start off being me and finding someone who has the Allen key to unlock my damage and closed heart,

And for that one man to make me feel good again and heal me,

Together we can start making that love and friendship goal,

Then finally I have someone who loves my body, me &  my Soul.


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