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Words, the only thing that connects me to you
Through words I figured out the things that you do
Words you want to say to the girls that you loved that are too good to be true
Words that I read just like the lyrics of my favorite songs

I figured their is a list of the girls in your heart
You fall too easy something that is common with my heart
I don't know how many times I hoped for an us
But each time comes a barricade of lies

You only wanted to love and be loved
The thing that you and I already have
No one cares enough to say it out loud
But we both feel it in our hearts deep down

If only your words convince me
That this is not the way our story should be
If only you held my hand when you can
If only you never waited for too long

Maybe this is how it should be
At least you will remain friends with me
And maybe we will both fall asleep tonight
Thinking about all the things that we might

Maybe we should end it like this
And not clean up our plates
Maybe time would make us realize that
We will always be tied in this knot

And even we were just friends 'till the end
I know our hearts will always mend
And maybe someday we will find someone else
That will treat us better than anyone else

Our connection will always be forever
Even if in the end we are not together
At least we love and we are love
Even if words are the only thing that we have

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