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There is no secret, there is no hurt,

Pure friendship does not ever curt.

Little there is to tell, little there is to ask,

Pure friendship forever lasts.

Sheer trust and belief, sacrifice in times of need,

Pure friendship does not ever show greed.

Utter confidence, no reason for a protest,

Pure friendship does not need confess.

Big dreams, utter faith,

Pure friendship al...

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You never know

Somewhere there is storm, Somewhere there is rain,
You never know when everything goes in vain.

Sometimes there is peace, Sometimes there is distress,
You never know where to find happiness.

Sour remarks, Sweet compliments,
You never know when your words can turn into judgments.

Shallow faith, Strong belief,
You never know when your actions may lead to grief.

Stifled anger, Stimula...

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