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A Song for Europe

In fifteen eighty eight the Spanish navy came to fight

To claim the crown King Philip thought was his god-given right

Now millions of us fly to Spanish islands in the sun

The wars are long forgotten, the Armada is long gone


So sing for Europe, sing for peace, and sing to make amends

Let’s raise a glass of sangria to all our Spanish friends


The French are nearer neighbou...

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Take a pinch of truth

add a good mix of bullshit

and fake sincerity

topped with passion for taste

shake vigorously

filter through the media

to make it palatable

spread onto a convenient newspaper

or roll out on the internet

and serve the public well.

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Dear Donald Trump

I don't often post on this poetry blog but I feel so strongly about this subject, I had to share it.


Dear Donald Trump


Dear Donald Trump, the thought of you as the next Leader

of the Free World makes me want to hurl. 

Has America lost her mind


to even consider a racist, sexist buffoon

who hasn’t the sense to spend a sliver of his tax-free billions

on decent hair...

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A Little Place I Know...

We all hate the government
but what can you do 
just drink in the evening sun
talking with old friends

A little place I know
when our graft is done
we go…

Cobbled streets, thin passageways
snaking pipes embrace the buildings
in the shadow cast by evening sun
standing with good friends

A little place I know
let’s grab a bus
and go…

Who voted 'leave', not one man here
I'll sta...

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There Was a Red Leader Called Corbyn

There was a Red leader called Corbyn,
Beset by Blairites a-squablin’,
Despite overwhelming support,
Unelectable they thought,
They’d rather have Thatcher over him.

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All Hail Bold Etonian Boris

All hail bold Etonian Boris,
Whose exploits sent up quite a chorus,
To prove Europe was dead,
He swung down by his head,
Into the seat of Foreign Office.

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Bardic Lampoon for the Nuclear Age

Bardic Lampoon for the Nuclear Age
by Robert C. Mackie
We now have a leader in Theresa May,
Who may push the button some sunny day,
We won’t meet again, nor chatter and play,
For all human life will revert to clay.
So give us three cheers, hip-hip-hooray!
The sweetest of womankind, Theresa May.
A hundred-thousand lives taken away,
And you’ll pay too if she has her way.

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The Unicorn to the Lion / The Lion to the Unicorn

The Unicorn to the Lion
By Robert C. Mackie

The Lion and the Unicorn once fighting for the Crown,
Now, Lion, said the Unicorn, this fighting’s got me down.

Please keep your Barnett Formula, and all One Nation Tories,
Keep antisocial myopia and national fairy stories.

‘Cos Scotland’s a nation, although you doubt, social justice is its charter,
Smith and Hume its philosophers, no need f...

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A toothless face

Slavishly touting laudatory
Remarks that
Run counter to his belief
Could not let a journalist
A moment's relief!

"The incumbent
Has flickered
Darkness piercing light
Now as things are bright
None stop
We have to condemn the past
To catapult the present
On the infallible mast!"

Conveying messages
Without beef,
Also forced to turn
Eyes, to reality, deaf,
He is smote by

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(with apologies to Lewis Carroll)

‘Twas Brexit, and the slithy Gove
did frottercrutch in dwarfish glee;
he snicker-snacked the Camerove,

Beware the stabberjock, my son!
The empty eyes, the robo-glint!
who fellobrates the Murdocrone
the Ruperturtle übergimp!

He pallerised the BoJo cloon
they chummed upon their sunderbus
emblazoned it with fibberoons
and ba...

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Saturday Night Thursday Morning

Saturday night, family gathered around the TV
a small feast of pizza and chips waiting for BGT, Xfactor or Strictly
across the nation, we get sucked into this circus reality, our eyes transfixed and rigid as a mass of drones,
our fingers and thumbs hovering over Facebook and Twitter on our smartphones
we’ve all followed  the stories and campaigns from week zero,
gripped our sofa arms as The A...

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To Remain


Look, I like having legal rights; to be a citizen not just a subject,
but I’m not without doubts about this great European project.
No, I don’t fear drowning in seas of asylum seekers some’d prefer out of my backyard
but the far right’s rise darkens my night skies and I find some truths really are quite hard.
Yes, the status quo is twisted so some not so nice people do too well off it,

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Oh President Barack Obama
'Dodgy Dave' might think you're a charmer
There to be seen
At the 'gig' for the Queen
So have some of this Instant Karma


Put UK at the back of the queue?
Is that what you really would do?
When it comes down to Brexit
If we stay or we exit


(c) Daniel Dwryran

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BrexitEuropepoliticstongue in cheek

In the spirit of Leona...

In the world of tax (and tax avoidance)

watch what we say, not what we do.

It's not levied on the likes of us:

it's only meant for you.

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Iain Duncan Wots-his-face
has now resigned and left a space
in Cabinet. The explanation?
Tory party machinations.
But then again, perhaps the bloke
just had enough of pigs, and coke.



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One up

One up


He’s the guy 


verbal diarrhea 




He’s the guy 



in charge 

all the answers 

all the solutions 

no substance 

just words 

He’s the guy

funky hairdo

hitler gestures 

outrageous claims

empty suit 

self funded

He’s the guy 

the spot in your undies 

the hole in your sock 

the ro...

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