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written in the dirt

this autumn morning

winter’s aperitif

is served on the rocks

shaken and stirring


come downpour now

unleash your jotting scribe and

cast the showery runes of fables untried

forge scripts along our droughty lanes

of songs for all that yet remain

or wash away those pages brown,

whelm witness to our temporal sway


we’ll listen to the eager eart...

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Snooping Readership

Some of us are grateful to the NSA. GCHQ and Prism because at least we know somebody is reading what we write

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I have the right to write

entry picture









I have the

right to write.

You may not

like what I

have to say.


I have the

right to write,

I'll do

it anyway.


I have the

right to write.

With this you

may not agree.


I have the

right to write.

You know where

you can kiss me!



This was written a few


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Pen To Paper

(I wanted to write something about the process of writing. Anyone remember that Cliff Richard record in the 80s?  . .from the needle to the plastic . . was it wired for sound? This is a similar sort of thing)


Pen touches paper

Thoughts flow into words

Mould them into order

Find the one that works


Reaching deep into my past

My very distant past

All my memo...

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Burning bridges and launching books

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Congratulations, Stevie. You really are at the height of your writing powers! Well, don't mention it (no really, DON'T MENTION IT).

And thanks to all who inspired me: Julie Burchill, Mary Kenny, Carol Shields, Michel Houllebecq, JD Salinger, Billy Collins, Wallace Stevens, St Paul, Ethan Canin – humans who've proved that writing matters profoundly.

Plus all my years as a newspaper colum...

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Waiting For Miss Write

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Waiting For Miss Write.


“I like you”, I said,

without the need for thumbs pointing to the sky.

She smiled, a beautiful smile.

Her face unlike a circle with U lips.


We parted on a kiss

that had nothing to do with sex or X.

Promising that we’d talk again

later in the week.


The phone box on the corner

wasn’t mobile - so I was.

I walked ...

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Served by the Slice

served by the slice  

this body, cut through in the redesign for a different life,

whistles a frayed remembrance leaving naught but remnants

when falling for the suicidal hiatus of a tethered tale


in these days, of the child’s exultation, sing your song

as a lyrical dog chases damsons and damsels and the first and

furriest flavour the dustiest corpse of trees; dark...

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What is it like to be jailed for writing songs?

What is it like to be locked up for having an opinion?

What is it like to want freedom and say you want it?

What is it like to actually do something about it, your lust for freedom?

What is it like to stand up for your opinions and be jailed?

For four and six years.

In some cases, a dozen.

What is like...

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my new poem book co written with Mel Grobler

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new epub version of Mel and my new poem book...



http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/the-rantings-of-a-damaged-mind/13418882 normal book



Heartbreak (by Mel)                                                                                                                    

Why, why ...

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Writers Unlimited Google Community



By its nature writing is for the most part a solitary business which is why sites like WOL are great to keep in touch, share ideas, post poetry etc.

For this reason I've started a *new* community over at Google +. You may love or hate social media and personally I detest the whole Facebook thing but I have fund that the new...

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