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A Friend of A Friend

I’m not a mourner, not even a friend

Just a friend of a friend, been asked to attend


I never knew my friend’s late friend

So it seems kind of strange that I should be here at his end


I feel out of place, not being a friend

And the tears of his loved ones mean nothing to me


I should be moved by all this emotion

But I’m starting to think: should I hav...

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Consequences of your actions, kid.

Your girlfriend threatened to kill me.

But she only did it once, and she apologised afterwards,

Considering the circumstances I think she was fairly reasonable actually.

But I didn't know she existed, did I?


I just keep running through all the things you said to me,

I fold them up like dirty notes passed in class,

Keep them for later,

But darling, there will be...

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A Long Life Road


Our life is a real drama

In such a colorful gamma.

Our life is just a moment,

Sometimes with a torment.

Just have enough patience

To keep good relations,

To love truly and forgive.

You won’t believe

But today I cried away.

Someone thought it was a shame,

Someone comforted, didn’t blame,

Someone said: life goes on,

Someone dies and some are ...

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What Remains

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This is how it starts.
The thinnest wisp of smoke in the stomach,
The tinniest jolt in time.
The heart, as yet, remains unmarked.

But a flame with strength beyond control has sparked
And lends weight to the smoke that rises to choke
the lungs and throat and whatever remains
Of beauty, or brains.

The heart, as yet, remains unmarked.

I stood there in that fire, burning with sin,
In a...

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Nimrod coasts across the bay

heavy as a swan.

I sit on the ruined harbour wall

reporting back.

Lifeboat Day - St Agnes.


I drew a picture - a cartoon -

me on a rock

a huge plane flying by

sent it to you.


Clearing your home

I come across them all -

cards, drawings, letters.

The doings of the hens, the cats.


Now, even Nimr...

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the blocks of childhood

solid, set square in red brick,

yet from the start porous, lined

by a cancerous quick

so soon perished

barely noticed we chalk one up

then tally them daily

our stars of awe and wonder

in diligent swathes

until the toehold twists

and the road falls away

when the choked black

fear stacked Sunday Psalms

choose today


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The Jester

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THE JESTER The jester performs in a world full of tears, His chuckle, an attempt to allay all our fears. His joyful tones, sweet music to our ears, His mission, to help those who need it so dear. But what of the end of the long lonely road, His whimsical smile, no-one left now to goad. When the laughter runs out and the jester runs dry, As realisation sets in and he can do noug...

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My Unborn Child

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You left my body

before you were born.

My freezing body

floated toward the light,

only to be returned

to life by grace

and a prayer.


I was glad to

be alive but bewailed

my unborn child.


My child, did you

leave me because

of my sins?

To leave my sordid

life ...

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The Photo Finish

The Photo Finish
The picture frame was empty.
Its blank expression populated cities.
The neon lights averted gazes or
focussed even more as
tarry skies consumed
mould memories.
Office block shadows
 tormented your
and your absent anecdotes,
projecting cataract photos
of lovers inside you.
You fell apart

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We're gonna miss that cat


Today Bella died

And yes, both of us cried

‘Though we know so much is sadder than that.

Still she was a good friend,

Dignified ‘til the end

And now, we‘re gonna miss that cat.


She’d warmed both our feet

Would be waiting to greet

And before you could lay down your hat,

You’d hear that great purr

Feel the rub of her fur,

Oh how we’re gonna m...

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Here's a poem from notebook 40, the 2nd in fact...



Low-lying cloud,

sheep’s wool snagged on wire,

rain washed.


Plantation trees plain stitched

across the hills’

ribbed sleeve.


Black holes punched in grey

the stippled lake

but no breeze.


Bird-calls; not song.

Make no mistake.

No-one sings here

among the evergreens along

the water’s edge.


Only warning c...

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poems i read at Rochdale town hall march29

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Not quite sure why your death affected me so much Lynette.                                                     

Left me very upset when I found out.                                                                                              

I'd just been to Tesco’s at Greenfield for Naomi.                                                                   ...

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The Unknown Child


I am the unknown child the stork didn't bring,
my mother struck down during endless bombing,
no chance had I to ever see the light of dawn,
or graduate from milk to rusks made from corn.
The web can reveal the millions that died in war,
those that were soldiers and sailors and more,
the many others who died without raising a fist,
but who counted the babi...

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The Falling Down


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The Falling Down

The knives and forks
are crossed on the plates
in the kitchen,

two used cups sit
quietly on the coffee table
by the sofa,

the pots and pans
we used last night swim
in a pool of cold water.

It’s mid-afternoon,
the rain lashes
at the windows,
and outside the birch
tree swings w...

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