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He Didn't Care Too













On the day of her

death he didn't cry.

Everyone said,

"He doesn't care!"


On the day they

laid her to rest

he didn't cry.

Everyone said

"He never loved her!"


On the one month

anniversary of her

death he was

found lying next

to her grave.

An empty bottle of


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The best I never had

In a world of tv clichés

I thought our series would be timeless,

that it would survive the seasons.


I laugh as I remember

How I Met Your Mother.

Confused on an interstate car park,

cellphones and calamity.

Only to feel underwhelmed.


You said “it's not just the jetlag”,

I said “how can anyone fall in love with a zombie?”

eating hearts fo...

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One step ahead of Imperial Japanese forces, we were kicked out of the Dutch East Indies fleeing for our lives. We escaped in Dutch Air Service Dornier 24 flying boats and others ending up at Broome, Australia. Free for now from the marauding Jap Zero fighters, they cant catch us here! Our Dornier is about to depart to sanctuary in southern Australia, we’re in the ...

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warpacificjapandutch east indiesloss





WW1 starts when prince Ferdinand was killed in Sarajevo,

domino affect total war.

Germany defeated, humiliated by Treaty of Versailles.

Re-armament, rise of Nazism in the 30s. WW2 starts, total war again.

Ends with Germany’s utter defeat, closure from WW1 to 2.

Start of Cold War East v West, won’t this be fun!

Inc Yugoslavia under So...

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world war1lossdeathstupiddominoes





Your body was found dead in your flat, three months gone and smelling like hell.

They came and took you away, to the morgue downtown, an unhappy place.

Clearing your flat they found £4.88, not much to show for a lonely death.

Always on your own, eternally in death. How sad no one will see you buried, a pauper’s death, the undertaker the only witness at this sol...

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deadlossend of lifeno one caresno relativespoor





The pussycat remembers back to only yesterday

when she used to run and chase her feline friend.

But that’s just a sad memory now as she sits all alone

and remembers what had once been.

Years of fun and enjoyment ended abruptly

after the car mercilessly killed Tigger.

Now pining little Chocolate Drop

has no friend, only pain.

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painhurtdeathlossno hopecat


In 1944, in a night-time rehearsal for D-Day off the Devon coast - code named "Exercise Tiger" - U.S. forces were attacked and suffered more casualties than on Utah Beach.

This poem is in memory of those lives, the loss of which was kept secret for four decades. 


Sunset slowly trims its lamp

Beyond the Start Bay Light


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I sense that you are near me,

close enough to touch, right now.

In my mind.

No one else can see you next to me

but I do. As we are now,

we once were in reality

at some time in our history.

Your spirit never leaves me

and your ghost forever haunts me,

your love is my saviour intertwining

me in your spiders web of hearsay.


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Goya sailing to where? And with whom aboard? So many people each with a name, an age and a story; good or bad? What events led them to be aboard the Goya that night in the Baltic? All were aware of the Russians hot on their heels, better to flee by evacuation than face the wrath of Stalingrad and revenge of Leningrad amongst others. Treat others like they treat you. It was this p...

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Gently you trace the tear
down my cheek
my pain mirrored
in the confusion in your eyes
not understanding what you’ve done
but wanting to

Words like barriers between us
we take turns offering apologies
arms pulling each other close
losing myself
in your warm hard body against mine
as we both try to deny
the fences between us




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LoveLossConfusionLetting Go

A Lovely Nightmare


Memories still haunt you in dreams

the worst ones aren't violent nor perverse.

The worst dreams are the ones you wish came true

they haunt you with De Ja Vu

subconscious samurai,

donning swords and Fu Manchu.


Kreuger retreated, he knew he met his match

because love is the most infectious illness one can catch.

It starts with a thought, a flicker, a ...

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Baby Jade

 You made a woman of me.

With your little tiny little body growing inside of me.

A tiny foetus that turned into an embryo.

When I first felt you kick I knew I’d never let you go.

The result of a conception made in love.

You had the excitement of a puppy and the grace of a dove.

So small on that screen all bouncing around

When I first saw your scan my feet didn’t touc...

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miscarriagelosslosing a childdeathpainappreciating life

Love in the f/b era

unheard n invisible, 
condemned w/ no chance to defend,
innards ripped out, 
broken w/out a second thought. 

but none of it matters.
you're worth the pain.

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thwarted lovelovelossfacebook



You unwind,

from my eyes,

a flare of innocence

magnesium raw

my tainted bitter roots

grip, twist and tighten

to save myself,

I cause pain

I do not feel it.

lying now in a frame

of solitude,

light muted by curtains,

still in my absolution.



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Shadows in the light (Goodbye Grandma)





I walk from room to room
and try to catch a glimpse of you,
but all that I could see,
are muted shadows playing tag.

Sunlight catches visions
of days now stored in memory
and with your recent passing,
you climbed upon the misty crag.

The kitchen tap still leaks,
we've fixed that oft and time again;
your trusty stove still works,
those smells a...

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Callow Heart


Once, so many years ago,
such a distant place and clime;
moments of thought and life were shared,
each move in perfect time.

Words in unison, hearts pulsed,
so intimate each gesture;
each expression fears repulsed,
companions of great measure.

Now it seems we're worlds apart;
nothing more in common share.
The last desired thing to start,
last threads ...

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Is that why (a poem by a shy friend; please be gentle)


Is that why?


I bled

for so many years with the pain reminiscent of childbirth

and cried with longing and loss

the empty hollow and the useless womb

Is that why


I ached

and found each day weighed heavier than the last

and my body dried and drained

and my world shrank to a parody

Is that why


I killed

Tiny webbed fingers a hea...

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What I'd like to do today


Mum, I’d like to come and

sit in your kitchen at the formica table

drink coffee, eat chocolate biscuits

in the warm

I’ve so much to tell you

we’d laugh about everything

forget me knots in the garden

the apple tree would be in blossom


Dad, I’d like to visit you today

see what you’ve been up to

we’d go to your workshop

I’d sit on your paint...

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New X (30 years after the tragic fire)


On the 18th of January 1981, 13 young people died in a fire in New Cross, South East London (a fourteenth committed suicide after losing so many friends). Just shy of thirty years on, these are the contemporary reflections of a man who was a seven year old boy at the time. Widely thought to have been a racially motivated attack, more recent advances in forensic technology have suggested o...

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