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Write Out Loud Outstanding Poems for December

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December was a great month for poetry on WOL ��" very many voters confirming my thoughts and finding it difficult to choose just one poem.  Nonetheless, one winner/ one poet did shine through ��" with two of her poems Rejection and Little Clock receiving 3 votes each.  That winner is Rachel McGladdery, a very welcome and talented new addition to the WOL ranks.   I was surprised that men didn’t als...

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Repeat to Fade

Splendered, walking half in sleep,
and with red glasses cupping teeth,
I am a stranger -
photographed like a chimney mooring it's house with poison
steaming it's frames and running the charcoal down my spine.
These are my lines.
No fashion on a sleeve - I have worn it with plague,
smothering mad, and falling like a crippled ballerina's smile.
I ...

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Lachrymose Nesting

I am an amputee, a vortex. A lampshade frayed
like the hems of the eunuch soldiers, the powdered women
who took war to work and made a holiday of men.
Retund rouge mistakes? Perhaps not. No. No I am not one of them.
But my limbs ache with stretching
and I sometimes wish to be a tail, a thick wardrobe
to curl his spine up into mine; a soft grey to douse

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Why So Blue, Sweetheart?

Sweetheart, you're black and blue
From the things I've done to you

Now your dead arm swings loose
And your bruised eye won't open
These things I've done to you

An evening among friends, descends
Now we're alone
Now you start on me again
Buttons all pushed, again

You try to stand your ground
But I'll always shout louder
Surely safer to just settle down?

Cower, out in the...

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Hunter\\'s Moon

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Came the cold and distant midnight

Tolling long bell steel and frost

Calling all to bide and cherish

Calling all who were cold and lost

Came the silk black wings of night

Came the moon birds sweetness calling

Feathering high upon their flight

Mercury stars fire flashing


 As though to meet them

Beneath a hunter’s moon for light


In the silver bright extolling

Came there witc...

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