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Nunquam Iterum!

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Nunquam Iterum!


Dear Wilfred

Thank you for your honesty

Without your vivid colours

These experiences would be shadows

Colourless and somehow unreal

But now we see sickly colours of the gas

We feel the helpless panic of the scurry

We touch the comrade writhing in the deadly sea


Your stressed heartbeat

The hopelessness of loss

Despair at the trudge

The d...

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Bells of Time

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Those bells rang and rang and rang
In absence of all now gone from us
All in this earth their life lives long
As those bells clatter the silent songs

Youth slaughtered cattle in this earth 
For red bright poppies that sprout to life
Breaking through braved blooded soil
Enriched by a youth of lost loved souls 

Time fated a 100 years ago by chance 
Angelic eyes and soft youthful faces

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The Song Of Trees

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The Song Of Trees


They sat here,

back in nineteen seventeen,

beneath my caring arms.

I kept the August sun

from their fevered brows

as piece by piece

they pulled themselves



Their stories made me weep


from sy...

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Writing Prompt for Monday

Take Wilfred Owen's poem, Conscious.  Find it here: http://www.poemtree.com/poems/Conscious.htm  Write it out, leaving a blank space under each line. Interpret each line as you understand it, using your own words. Take what you have written and re-write it without looking at the original poem. Check that you have not used any of Owen's words or phrasing: you should have an entirely diffe...

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Death Of A Poet / Anthem For Doomed Youth

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Death Of A Poet

The grey November sky has lost its light,
just one more boy has fallen to his death,
another lad who won’t survive the fight
or pass beyond this final exhaled breath.
Though many soldiers leave this war unheard,
their stories lost forever, never told,
this one will paint us pictures with his words
that will not lose their power or grow old.

A week beyond that fatal can...

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