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I have shed my thick armored plating that hides my ridiculous

True nature from the rest of the world,

Revealing my God-given form to everyone around me.


I have forsaken the comfort of obscurity, instead choosing to

Shout loudly and clearly “I am here!

Gaze upon me for all my mortal sins!”


I have suffered without my protection, taking blows to my carefully curated


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true colors revealedteenage bullshit

Stone Among Clay

As the rightful sentence echoes through sweaty division and humid hostility,

conviction kisses his countenance

while confirmation photographs the cute couple for keepsake.

His outspoken body stands to claim its grip of self-sustained authority;

Shaking fists, clenching reason, straining blame, pointing chalky fingers

with a chalk covered slate

All against the reverberations of ri...

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