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I'm For It (pre-chorus)

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Crooked spines means a lot of questions remain

White lines sniffed by the babies going insane

Bed time for the little people on the train

Tracked out thoughts for every engineer's brain

Amtrak, east coast bound, New York and Maine

Subway transit as we underground the plain

Mountaintop mudslide slippin' down the drain

Rollin' with the cockroaches in dirt, flying with ...

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Summer is starting to set in. Goals are being formed. We have made many in the past and failed to accomplish them. Achievements don't go unnoticed. Though, as we grow older, wiser, more dedicated to ourselves and others' involvement in our craft, we see a need for commitment. If we are setting goals for ourselves with a half assed ambition to finish them, then that is all we are left with. Diss...

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