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Pixie / Minnie / Asia

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It's a very sad day when a Loved one dies

human or animal we all only have one life

so we gotta live it up for the ones that pass

too the fullest on this earth is what I'm aiming at.

So let's up those downs and make the bad more better.

Even if you're feeling like shit or rained on by bad weather

you can overcome the end of this glitch called living

by cooking up you...

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Summer is starting to set in. Goals are being formed. We have made many in the past and failed to accomplish them. Achievements don't go unnoticed. Though, as we grow older, wiser, more dedicated to ourselves and others' involvement in our craft, we see a need for commitment. If we are setting goals for ourselves with a half assed ambition to finish them, then that is all we are left with. Diss...

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