Jacques Brel Would Be Shocked (Amsterdam)


Waiting to be shocked

Well perhaps a bit

Glimpsing the wild side of life…for a little while

Train station looks remarkably ordinary

Still…the city awaits there!

Follow the people to excitement

They turn right from the exit

In their wake we go

Hey, this can’t be right?

M & S, BHS and H & M

We could be anywhere!

Amsterdam is wild, everyone says so!!!

“Canal Taxi!” we hailed

This is more like it “Show us the sites”

With a knowing look to the driver

And he does

Endless canals, bridges and more boats

People riding bikes

Past a gaudy bright green ship

And we’re through with the tour

Dropping us and going

Is this the “real” Amsterdam now?

Looks promising this narrow back street

Door of a seedy looking club opens

Stone cold sober Brits stroll out

Chatting politely about Uni

Where is the action here?

Observing was to be our mission

Staying on the edge

All life going on

Signs lead towards the centre

Reluctantly so do we

Oh sure they have hemp cakes

Remarkably civilised it all is as well

Where is the wildness?

Sailors Jacques Brel sang of…

Different age I guess

Everyone plugged into music

Or sending texts

Too busy with technology

Debauchery consigned to the history books



#inspirational #love #humour

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 28th Oct 2020 14:00

Time and commerce(?) moves on. But perhaps not quite as striking
as a finding a branch of "Gieves & Hawkes" in Shanghai..

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Wed 28th Oct 2020 09:49

Thanks Po 😃

I have a tale about Calais I might well share next...

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