Art on 5th Avenue - The Guggenheim

Walked through Central Park along 5th Avenue

Destination we’d read so much about coming into view

Standing back gaping at the alien architecture before us

Incredible building, sallying forth anticipation all abuzz

Worth the entrance fee to simply look upward inside

Enough procrastination, let’s go see art, we decide


Never given much thought to Van Gogh not strictly my scene

Face to face with Vincent in a frame, passion in extreme

Maximum respect to the man who felt compelled to cut off an ear

Genius a description never used lightly, we can see it clearly here

Viewing his paintings need to push on through a crowd

Vividly he depicted his world, painting loud and proud!


Cezanne…erm, sorry people I fail to feel inspired or even moved

If I could be so insolent to suggest it could so easily be improved

I’m a surrealist and I totally get that whole impressionist thing

Cezanne’s blobs of colour entirely fail in making my soul sing

I’ve seen where he painted, the magical views and light

Maybe I miss the point, my loss I guess, she said “quite”


Gazing upon works by Manet, Monet, Renoir and Picasso

Complete sensory overload and we’ve still three floors to go

A room devoted to Lucio Fontana asking the question why?

Ripped canvasses stitched with string, weird off-the-wall guy

Was he saving on paint or totally mad, who cares or knows?

Jackson Pollock was kinda cool though, his style, anything goes


One floor to go now, some things becoming obvious

Three weeks spent here would never get monotonous

Inspiration on every wall, in every frame, every room

And some day we’ll come back again, can’t be too soon

The overwhelming memory apart from the art that’s neat

There’s something about the floor completely kills your feet!

#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

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