Where It All Began

Revisiting childhood memories

Going back…right back to where it all started

I’m a writer now

They enjoyed my stories then

My first venture into the education system

Northenden, South Manchester

Now I’m back again after all these years

Or is it a moment?

Difficult to be sure…can we ever be sure?

The performance and an audience anticipates

They arriving fashionably early to talk with the troubadour

Asking of his inspirations and motivations

They always like to know these things…

After the show I go

Walking the streets my former self once trod

That’s not right is it…former self?

I’m still me

Same brain…more or less at least

I think therefore I write

Looking at the education establishment

Otherwise known as my first school

Fine Victorian architecture I can now appreciate

How do I feel?

Sad for a long lost childhood?

Hardly…it’s alive in me

It’s being a writer you see

Imagination needs to be nurtured

Like a child or an adult

Use it or lose it

That old cliché holding true

Northenden my home for five years

Has it changed? I’m not sure

Memory plays tricks on us when it feels like it

I like this place. Did I always?

Not in the sense I would wish to reside there now

All the same, it helped make me who I am


#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

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Sat 7th Nov 2020 08:13

Thank you so much. Gratitude and love 😃

Ghazala lari

Fri 6th Nov 2020 11:52

I love the way you narrate....sounds so dreamily beautiful 💖 lost in your poem😃

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Paul Sayer

Fri 6th Nov 2020 08:21

This is a nice write Dean...

Very scholastic in nature.

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