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She loved the Summer of Love

Transcendental meditation


Psychedelic art

Dylan and Donovan

Travelled with her into this new decade

She had discovered her real self

In that latter part of the 60’s

Now feeling a little out of time

But optimistic for the future

She had a child now

Born into this incarnation as the Summer of Love began

Raising him according to her intuition

The coming decade would see changes

In fashion


Brown and orange side by side in home décor

Chopper bikes

Double denim

The anger of punk rock

Here in 1971

She is open minded

She still feels the love

A hippie at heart

Like so many who experienced the Summer Of Love

Through this mystery called life

Her son learns about himself

Later he would also meditate

Seek the meaning of existence

The bodies we wear may change

Through the decades on this bluey-green planet

Some things remain constant

Our still point

Our authentic self

Once discovered

Never to be undiscovered

She was a hippie at heart

And would remain so for all her life

What a legacy to leave…


This poem was inspired by my mother, she taught me about art and how to connect with my inner source of creativity. 


#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

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Thu 29th Oct 2020 13:40

Thanks JD. And my mom would be laughing at that one as well 😃

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J.D. Bardo

Thu 29th Oct 2020 10:33

Beautiful Dean, I miss my mom, she was my best friend, I had her cremated, (it must have been a terrible way to die)! sorry mom but you are laughing also.. may you rest in peace.

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