Not so Bohemian now

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In the 1980s there was anger in the air

Thatcher’s children breathing fire with bile-fuelled despair

And thick, treacly green gel bound my spiky hair

The Mary Chain’s screeches echoed in my ears

Morrissey’s tortured words fuelled my every angst and fear

A bedroom rebel hiding from the day-glo Tory cheers

Oh how I felt so Bohemian then


Wham’s false jollity was driving me insane

So I retreated with only Peely’s voice to fill my dark domain

Records he rather cared for were what kept me entertained

With McCulloch, McNab and McKenzie, McGowan and The Fall 

Punk utterings of Shelley, Lydon and Iggy popped my cork

A litany of indie fuelled my darkest core

Oh, I was so Bohemian - or so I thought


But then came jobs

Then came life

The gradual mainstreaming of me

Such a shame that I’m no shamen

Just a cog of wealth creation

Another rush hour patient

In the A&E of life


Now eighties rebels’ spiky locks have greyed – or just aren’t there

And all I see on my HD screen is Lydon’s middle-aged spread

Iggy has swapped heroin for car insurance instead

Shane’s bourbon-strained vocal cords accompany Christmas chimes

Mark E Smith reads football scores on Saturday evening times

And Morrissey’s tortured lyrics urge us to buy, buy, buy!

I guess I’ve grown less Bohemian with time


Mary Chain screeches now persuade us to try scent

Every suited, booted office gonk sings indie laments

And Shakin’ Stevens has stripped away just what Glastonbury meant

Now it’s George Michael who makes moral guardians frown

Whamming into photo shops with his brain drugged-up and drowned

The mainstream has morphed slowly into the supposed underground

Guess I’m just not so Bohemian now  

Echo and the BunnymenIggy PopMargaret ThatcherMorrisseyThe FallThe Jesus and Mary ChainThe SmithsBohemianJohn PeelPete ShelleyJohn LydonSex PistolsshamenFairytale of New YorkMark E SmithGeorge MichaelShakin; StevensGlastonbury

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Simon Marks

Wed 21st Aug 2013 00:16

Thanks for so many kind comments - and a technical analysis of my words way beyond my simple understandings. I simply write what comes into my head and if it sounds right, then great.
Having said that, I did use a song dynamic with the middle stanza - a sort of middle eight, if you like.
Cheers again, Simon.

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Ian Whiteley

Tue 20th Aug 2013 23:20

Good one Marksy - namechecked a few of my favourite bands there - still bloody difficult listening to some of those early JAMC singles :-) - I'm more of a 70's guy myself though - the god that is Weller who has morphed a number of times but never let me down (although the Style Council tested my patience). Nice nostalgic piece - the irony and despair of tainted idols shines through

<Deleted User> (6895)

Mon 19th Aug 2013 21:34

what!? no Stranglers!!(cool poem)xx

<Deleted User> (9882)

Sun 18th Aug 2013 22:05

despite no mention of the Clash,
I love this piece.x

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Andy N

Sun 18th Aug 2013 17:28

the use of the slight change at the end of the stanzas works really well here. have you tried this live yet? it should work really well

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 18th Aug 2013 14:27

As a Bing Crosby fan I`m absolutely relishing the fate of all you later-on `World Shakers`(Just look at the cut of Jagger and the rest of them now)

I know they`ve got money - but the gobs on them! (As they say: `Everything comes...)

By the way,I like the way you`ve shortened the lines of that middle - mood and theme change -stanza, thereby pulling the begining up.

I also like the way the random rhymes help to `strap` the recount of the somewhat hectic theme together.


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