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In a Flap

In a flap


What’s his name?

We call him ‘Noisy cat’


Not so hard to believe

I only meant to feed him once

Now he never leaves


Meaow! Meaow! Meaow! Meaow!


Scrapping at the door

My don’t you use the cat flap

That’s what it’s in there for


We used to have a cat

Kirby was her name


Then one day

She went and died

That really was a sham...

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I wish I could freeze time in my freezer

and thaw it out when I need a bit more.

If I could, then one thing is for sure

I’d very soon need a new door.


With all of that opening and closing

I know that I’d soon wear it out.

It would get lots of use that’s for certain

Of this, there cannot be a doubt.


For s...

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Posilly rhymetimewhat if

MOD ~ PTSD Part i


Last night the MOD said… “The health of those who serve our country is of the utmost importance, which is why we strive to give them the very best care”


Just two words to say  #### Off


I can’t remember the first word… I need a (mTBIs)

I hear there are a couple of scanners out there somewhere,    I just can’t remember where!



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mental healthPoPTSDsuicide

The Age Of Gold

Yet with the woes of sin and strife

Our World has suffered long

Beneath the Angel-strain have rolled

Two thousand years of wrong:

And man, at war with man, hears not

The love-song, which they bring

Oh! Hush the noise, ye men of strife

And hear the Angels sing!

For Lo! The days are hastening on 

By prophet-bards foretold

When with the ever-circling years

Comes round...

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AngelLOVE SONGPosinstrifewar

R and R

Rest and Relaxation

Arriving on the Voyager, leaving Brize for R&R

Past the guardroom, leave the gate, travelling in a car

Norfolk bound upon the roads, along the countryside

Every where’s so green!    It’s like I'm on a joy ride.


Then the rain began to fall, the wipers side by side

Like a metronome, they swept, almost made me cry

It’s just raining, yes!  I thought, I’ve ...

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Heart broken

Heart broken

Pumping, pumping, pumping... Still !

Iron in blood, iron in will

Strongest pump that’s ever made

Yet so fragile, I’m afraid

Easy broken just word

This is it,    have you heard...




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#brokenheart #lovelost lovePo

The Image-Nation

The Image-Nation


In this place lives the Jabberwocky

                Roaming free find Skimbleshanks

Through the mirror, Alice takes tea

                See the burning Tygers symmetry


Where daffodils become the host

               Things insignificant mean the most

As images flash through your mind

                A nook or cranny there to find


When settl...

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