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In the recess of your mind

entry picture

In the recess of your mind (For Do)


My hands reach out to touch you

To break a binding spell

That grips you oh! So tightly

How far my friend you’ve fell


So insidious and commanding, compelling you to obey

Implanting words inside your mind, the things you have to say

You are thinking thoughts are yours… because this is how you think

Your eyes wide open, blind… thes...

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Promises promises...


So today the Country voted, based on what the politicians said

The party with most votes counted, as we adjourn to bed.

For most, come the morning, as the night draws to a close 

The nation then will learn, is our leader the one they choose.


Then the job begins, the losers disparate

The winners in their seats of power, gather, congregate.

The Bullingdon Buffon B...

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Election dayPopromises


entry picture


Tomorrow is the day the country’s asked to vote

Friends, Romans, countrymen, all the common folk

All the lorded gentry, the rich and mega rich

Lend me your ears, the paupers in a ditch


Your home is your castle, rented, mortgaged, bought

Its time for you to vote. Cos. people say you ought

Soldiers have fought battles, millions lost their life

Since time immemori...

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every now and then we just need to smilePo

Walking into the light

entry picture

Walking into the light


My minds messed up, deep inside my head

Like its backwards facing, waiting to be led

Staring through the darkness, blacker than the night

My eyes opened wide, yet unable to see the light


My feet are facing forwards, yet alas I cannot run

Shackled hands behind my back, can’t move fingers or my thumbs

I can feel my heartbeat beating, deep within ...

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Drug lordsGang warfarePaid assassinPoTaken out


Where have all the poets gone?

Was it something that I said?

Where have all the poets gone?

I’ve so much more to be read

Where have all the poets gone?

My poems are awful funny

Where have all the poets gone?

There’s none to be found, not for love nor money.


Well, when I say my poems are awful funny

I meant, just awful really


The truth has sadly dawned


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PoSense of humour test


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I am an Eastern Anglian,

my roots grow strong, run deep.

In soil rich and fertile

in tradition it is steeped


An ancestrally heritage

traced back to times of yore

Many souls have passed this way

who strode this path before


Leaving nought but memories’

and tales to tell their plight

Gone but not forgotten

in to that darkest, longest night*


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PoProud heritage


entry picture

Death is but a doorway to another world

We leave 'the brain' behind... it is NOT us, and we, are not it.



beyond the boundaries of your mind,
including infinity, within you you'll find
desiring and asking, steps on the way
in surrendering to the experience
no words left to say


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The Alien Greys

entry picture

The Greys

The little green men, have changed colour to grey

Just where they come from, is difficult to say


I don’t believe they are Martians

Although I’m certain they exist

Regardless of the hype, please try to desist


In thinking this is merely a money-making ploy

Cashing in on a fad, ‘The greys’ are quite coy

Slowly and surreptitiously, infiltrating our minds


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Forever Lost

entry picture

Forever Lost


I watch in silence and dismay

Ashamed; unsure of what to say

Racked with guilt and seared with pain

The awful silence intrudes again


Ascending with a deafening roar

Into a crescendo, as your tears poured

Tear tracks burning, run down your cheek

Caused by the havoc, that I wreaked


Inside my mind, screaming’s heard

Yet I’m unable to utter, a ...

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broken hearted poemLieslost lovePo

Esoteric doctrines

entry picture

I watched as others posted

Poetry oh! So grand

Much better and much wiser

Stuff people could understand


Mines sometimes esoteric

For maybe, just one or two

About topics that are hidden

And mostly out of view


Esoteric doctrines

About occult and arcane stuff

Giving metaphysical indigestion

I dear say a few have had enough


Who would want to read


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Not a clue

There once was a poet named Po

Who didn’t have a clue what to do

When writing a limerick

Trying to stick

To the format, he hadn’t any idea


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11/11 11:00 Memorial

entry picture

11/11   11:00  Memorial

The little white wooden church


The small white wooden church, had not an empty seat.

With an overflowing congregation, so many on their feet.

Spilling out of the door, to pay their last respects.

Far more than I had thought, and more than most expect.


The service was quite poignant, a fitting tribute that’s for sure

A lost and fallen comrade, ...

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11:11BlairLIght DragoonsPoRememberance

Faking it

Faking it

Pretending is just play acting

You know that it’s not real

However good you at it you are

How passionate you’re Zeal


It can be fun of that I’m sure

And I would not decry

Why men will do the strangest things

Between a women’s thighs


Faking it can be fun

I suppose, up to a point

It all depends upon

The persona you appoint


Women are much...

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all the world's a stagePo

Heros Roll

entry picture

A re-post in remembrance of ‘Moff’ a true hero.    

And for all those who gave their life in service.   Always only a thought away.


Roll Of Honour

A brave young trooper proudly stood... and would again if he only could

Upon the hot and shifting sands, alongside his comrades as they manned

Their post, as proud a man could be; as all around could plainly see.


Not all lo...

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In remembranceLIght DragoonsPo

The way we were

entry picture





The way we were

Once your constant companion

I was always, there at your side

Now you lay there all alone

Under your covers you hide

I watch you through my eyes

Stitched open, made of glass

I see all your pain

The hurt, from your past


Your tiny hands used to grasp

Holding me close to you, so tight

Back then we would cuddle

Right through ...

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lost childhoodPo

Come On! HONK

entry picture







The chameleon ran vertically, straight up the wall
​and disappeared though a crack infinitesimally small

“Did you just see that?” The post man exclaimed
​“They’re the masters of disguise”, I quickly explained

Running across, peering through a small crack
​The post man kept looking, dropping his sack

“Stand back and wait quietly, he’ll soon...

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White Knuckle Ride


Gripping white knuckle ride!


Screammmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

From the long slow clanking chain ride to the top

Looking skywards, leaning back further, till almost horizontal

At the summit, all time stands still.

An eternity, lost in a flash

Down, down, down, facing the bowels of hell

Thundering, silently, swiftly, ever closer

Last on... Now at the top


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In a Flap

In a flap


What’s his name?

We call him ‘Noisy cat’


Not so hard to believe

I only meant to feed him once

Now he never leaves


Meaow! Meaow! Meaow! Meaow!


Scrapping at the door

My don’t you use the cat flap

That’s what it’s in there for


We used to have a cat

Kirby was her name


Then one day

She went and died

That really was a sham...

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catsfunny poemPo











I wish I could freeze time in my freezer

and thaw it out when I need a bit more.

If I could, then one thing is for sure

I’d very soon need a new door.


With all of that opening and closing

I know that I’d soon wear it out.

It would get lots of use that’s for certain

Of this, there cannot be a doubt.


For s...

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Posilly rhymetimewhat if

MOD ~ PTSD Part i


Last night the MOD said… “The health of those who serve our country is of the utmost importance, which is why we strive to give them the very best care”


Just two words to say  #### Off


I can’t remember the first word… I need a (mTBIs)

I hear there are a couple of scanners out there somewhere,    I just can’t remember where!



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mental healthPoPTSDsuicide

The Age Of Gold

Yet with the woes of sin and strife

Our World has suffered long

Beneath the Angel-strain have rolled

Two thousand years of wrong:

And man, at war with man, hears not

The love-song, which they bring

Oh! Hush the noise, ye men of strife

And hear the Angels sing!

For Lo! The days are hastening on 

By prophet-bards foretold

When with the ever-circling years

Comes round...

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AngelLOVE SONGPosinstrifewar

R and R

Rest and Relaxation

Arriving on the Voyager, leaving Brize for R&R

Past the guardroom, leave the gate, travelling in a car

Norfolk bound upon the roads, along the countryside

Every where’s so green!    It’s like I'm on a joy ride.


Then the rain began to fall, the wipers side by side

Like a metronome, they swept, almost made me cry

It’s just raining, yes!  I thought, I’ve ...

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Heart broken

Heart broken

Pumping, pumping, pumping... Still !

Iron in blood, iron in will

Strongest pump that’s ever made

Yet so fragile, I’m afraid

Easy broken just word

This is it,    have you heard...




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#brokenheart #lovelost lovePo

The Image-Nation

The Image-Nation


In this place lives the Jabberwocky

                Roaming free find Skimbleshanks

Through the mirror, Alice takes tea

                See the burning Tygers symmetry


Where daffodils become the host

               Things insignificant mean the most

As images flash through your mind

                A nook or cranny there to find


When settl...

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jabbrwockymusePotygerWilliam Blake

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