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The Unseen Fight


How can I fight what I cannot see?

Will this pain inside me always be?

Give me a mountain, that I can move,

And there my strength I can prove.


This pain is a foe without hands or feet

No physical hurt can match or meet

Surgery or stitches cannot repair

As my crying soul lays naked and bare


With a cup I would drain any sea

Such a small, simple task that wou...

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Slipping Away

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You said hold on a little bit longer

But it feels like I'm slipping away

So how can I hold on

When I'm breaking down here


I won't let you down

These words you said to me

Are music for my ears

For a love that can never be


Drunk and all alone

The misery still remain

The same familiar pain

But the scars don't look the same


And my mind is in another p...

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Holding on

It's All in the Ropes

It's all in the ropes;

Some people are caught in endless games of tug of war,



Until one lets go or they reach an endless breakable tension.

Others are anchored somewhere high,

Hard to break,

Hard to climb.

Whether you climb just a few feet,

Or to the top,

You will always fall.

And yet your rope is different from the rest,

Attached to nothingnes...

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