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A Convenient Time

“Her timing was impeccable,” Amanda said,

When she told me that her mum was dead.

I mumbled words of weak condolence

As she shed some silent, angry tears.


Yet her grief seemed somehow heightened

By the frustration felt by those of us

Still lumbered with this mortal coil.

“Why did it have to happen NOW?

In the middle of this Easter rush!”


Let’s not beat about th...

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Osmosis Of Emotion

Tears, miniature universes

Prisms to human experience

Melodies, songs, and verses

Played out through the eyes

Osmosis of emotion


Tears in motion

Written on the face

With pure devotion

Feelings looking

For a sense of place


C.K. 22


Thanks for the invite, John Botterill.  I tried my best! 😂

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My Mother, Waving Goodbye.

I could see her on the first-floor landing

As I drove off from the car park below,

Her hand was raised, waving gladly.

She was peering, blindly, towards me,

With eyes which had ceased being able to see.

A mother’s smile was on her face

Epitomising all her love and grace.


I stopped the car to dab my eyes,

She would never see the tears I cried,

When I spotted my mothe...

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Tears of trepidation along

the tracks of expectation, 

because a presentiment said

it can't possibly work, this

attempt at a paradigm shift

out of moroseness into the dream

of hope's wiles, for the future

treasures your trials, and 

plans to set them free just when

you've told despondency to flee!

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Tears come too frequently with age.

The old accentuate despair

And store up their disappointments,

Accepting, with its bitter taste,

The enormity of failure.

They learn to love the shorter days

And seek comfort in the darkness.

They hanker for secure times,

Now just beyond their memory,

When tears they wept were pure joy.

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Your Tears Returned

Two separate, lonely tears descend your cheeks,

Through the moody darkness beneath your eyes,

Precious pearls which leave no streaks.

Are you crying for all those refugees?

The brutality heaped upon our fellow Man.

Or is your sadness so much closer to home?

I will solve your sorrow if I can.

I will roll those tears back, ascending your face,

Retracing their path to your bea...

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Path of Tears

A single tear or multitude, what do they mean? Do they serve a purpose? no reason can be seen. A tear drop is so small but expresses emotions from deep inside, Of which most women are in touch with, while men run and hide. So who is the stronger sex, one that shows her true passion, Or he who holds it back in some macho fashion. I was there for many years, more of a man if I did not ...

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They trickle  down ebbing the pain of bygone days..
They celebrate joyous times fervidly
Silent spectators, intensely flowing with craze.. 
They best know my soul and captures it so vividly ..

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