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Common souls



I know that no one really cares

If those people that they stare at

Really live it die or roam the streets

Wondering if there lives are nothing

Like the ones that “normal” people

live, but I am one who cares for those

Ego less souls who feel more than

Those who think they are more

Do not make me make you see

Those who you think are less

Because you w...

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Richpoorcommentary#promise #thoughts #dream #change

Dream Promises

It was a dream
As the touch was real
His fingers curled in my hand
His words were new tunes
That continuously danced in my head
He may not be present
I'm still thinking of him
Or am I dreaming
As his promises
What I will do
Printed a smile on my face
And contracted on my brain
Looking forward to those things
It must be a dream
As he is changing
His words were to be promised

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#promise #thoughts #dream #change

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