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Daniel Hooks

Updated: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 05:38 pm

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I am going to have to do it I am going to have to shamelessly promote my podcasting blog can any one who hits this page and like what they see go to my soundcloud you might be surprised about I can do with my poetry and a music and beats! if any one wants to contact me please do! please leave a comment or two on the blog too!


The poetry bomber I am a poetry terrorist with a suicidal desire to live and to preach To answer questions and to teach -People the power of free speech I want to poetry bomb the ignorant and the greedy I want to help the needy Feed the people of the third world Who have nothing to eat and no wages I want to write pages and pages Of dynamic explosive poetry on to the page Full of love and rage Which sends shivers down your spine from the desperate stage From which I write To set the page alight But I want my poems to be wise and open eyes. I want to poetry bomb the houses of parliament and number 10 with my pen with words so thought provoking they are almost choking I want to go toe to toe with the president in a poetry debate I want to captivate my audience With delight and despair With such rare skill like a rollercoaster ride that makes them ill. And still you’d want more I want blow open the blinds in people’s minds Get read of the apathy of indifference And help you make your own difference Everywoman and everyman because you can I want my poetry bombs to blast and to make a lasting impact on you In everything you say and everything you do! By Daniel Hooks Is this madness I am bananas in bunches I’ve been out to several lunches I am nuts, coconuts and peanuts A man living alone in mud huts A few sandwiches short in my picnic (why do people always nit-pick) My head sometimes crashes like waves It seems to want to misbehave Delusions and confusion don’t just happen to me I look at the world and I see it to be madder than me I want clarity not brain disparity But maybe madness is the only way to live in this reality Where logic and rules ought to work But people still want to be jerks Love, that is the only reality I want to exist In love I can find the strength to resist! Resist the madness! Love is a child Love was a child, so meek and so mild Love was a child who smiled. Love was a child who played with a toy train Love was a child who jumped in puddles in the rain. Love was a child who laughed and played. Love was a child God lovingly made. Love is a child that God now holds Love is a child who will never grow old. Love is a child we sorely miss Love is a child who Angels now kiss. Love is a child. If I was a superhero I am a nightmare in blue pants. I do my little dance. Then beat you. On cue. Cause I am a super hero. Super I said not superzero. Superman’s got nothing on me. I can do all he can times three. Super villains can’t pay the fee. They just can’t get rid of me. I am faster than the speed of light. So watch or I’ll give you a fright. My game is tight. My hair is white. Bullets bounce of my torso. Governments want me on death row. Cause they’re scared I might take over. I have luck like a four leaf clover. Save today I’ve saved tomorrow. Saved people from their sorrow. No need to ask just borrow. My skills for a day. I need no pay. There is no way I’d let you down. Even if I was a super clown. I ‘d find a way to bring baddies down. There’s no mountain too high. No way I’d ever sigh . Cause I am super happy. Sometime my cloak becomes flappy. But do I get depressed nah. Well bah. My pants being too tight. And my clothes being bleached white. So this is who I’d be if I was a superhero. All also by Daniel Hooks

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<Deleted User> (8730)

Thu 26th May 2011 17:55

Thanks for your comment. This afternoon I have written ten poems about airports! The first is called Arrivals....

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Andy N

Wed 26th Jan 2011 08:22

Hi Daniel; - thanks for the comment over 'Before the Curtains Open' - kinda surprised me too that piece but glad you liked it... a

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Laura Taylor

Mon 17th Jan 2011 12:28

Hiya - just letting you know that you have posted multiple blogs of the same poem - you might want to remove the surplus ones :)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 25th Jul 2010 19:03

Are you a Danny of Poetica? The one I nearly missed one night because there were two of you, at the Cafe Muse if I remember correctly. You were sitting in the outer circle because you arrived late-ish?

<Deleted User> (5763)

Mon 8th Mar 2010 14:38

Thanks Daniel -do you think my language is a bit old-fashioned ? -I'm trying to put modern issues into an old form.

<Deleted User> (6484)

Wed 16th Sep 2009 17:18

Hi Daniel, thanks for your comments on "Pitiful Poets", I think most of us have a little of the drama queen in us.Just read your "samples"impressive mate.

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Mon 27th Jul 2009 17:45

:)) Cheers Daniel for your comment on 'Dusty Books' - it was actually spurred by a debate on another poetry forum, but I thought I would risk airing it here too, hehe.

Best wishes

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Mon 27th Jul 2009 10:52

Hi Daniel - thanks for commenting on 'Chips & Dips' - glad you enjoyed it :) I think you were probably first as there weren't many of us on line when I posted it last night - some folks must have sneaked out, hehe.

Best wishes

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Sun 26th Jul 2009 23:00

Hi Daniel, having read the poems here on your bio page I'm inclined to campaign for legalizing green aliens ;) Good work!

Best wishes

<Deleted User> (5812)

Mon 6th Apr 2009 22:18

Thank you Daniel for your comments on 'Quench' you made me blush x

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Jeff Dawson

Wed 1st Apr 2009 20:33

Hi Dan, thanks for comment, it was a bit nerve wracking but the gigs I have done have helped. Get a few more poetry nights in then go for it!

<Deleted User> (5899)

Wed 25th Mar 2009 16:18

Hi Daniel

Thaks for your comment. Childs play? Are you crazy? 'Corporate Christ' is a bit too close to home for me these days and has really made me think, and as for 'Poetry Bomber' - how much do I wish I'd written that one myself?

Fantastic pace and rhhythm, fresh, different, edgy; respect what you do, because its good!

Can't wait to read more

Sis x

<Deleted User> (5812)

Wed 18th Feb 2009 10:16

thank you for your comment on playstation, Daniel. i've added to it again since and am still unsure (is that a common thing?)
The poetry bomber is excellent- you must keep dropping them into the midst of the madness all around. I think our own personal madness is what makes us.. invincible nightmares in our blue pants! x

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Jeff Dawson

Wed 28th Jan 2009 18:23

Hi Dan, I sometimes do too!!

Cheers for message, yes its going quite well, I'm not as nervous as I used to be and I get a couple of bands asking me now!

I'm a bit behind with WOL poetry so haven't commented on anything for a while but will catch up!

Appreciate your message mate, cheers! Jeff

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Joshua Van-Cook

Wed 28th Jan 2009 10:55


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Joshua Van-Cook

Wed 28th Jan 2009 10:47

Hi Daniel, thanks for the praise on "The Grand Fallacy" I've been reading your sample poems just now and I am very impressed. I particularly liked "The Poetry Bomber" both for the fact that it was an inspired idea and the great tempo it had. I bet it would be great as a performance peace.

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winston plowes

Wed 21st Jan 2009 11:25

Hi Daniel, Thanks for your coments The Exhibits. If you are like me, its impossible to force poems to come out of your head. I do find that the more I read the more creative spells I get. Beer also helps ! Stick with it, I am sure inspiration will come along. Winston

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winston plowes

Sat 17th Jan 2009 23:19

Hi Daniel

Just read your poem, "Is this madness" can just imagine it being performed in a rap style with a great impact. What do you think? Winston

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Thu 15th Jan 2009 18:14

Hi Daniel, Can you post your poem to write club now, please?

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Horace Thespider

Mon 29th Sep 2008 15:30

Thanks for your encouraging response to my poem 'monosodium glutamate'. I enjoyed reading your material

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David Franks

Thu 28th Aug 2008 11:30

I, too, like your poems, Daniel.

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Jennie B

Wed 18th Jun 2008 17:07

Hey Daniel, thanks for the welcome. Like the Poetry Bomber! x

<Deleted User> (4744)

Wed 7th May 2008 10:19

The wonderful world of performance poetry. It's certainly a different way of writing. I'm quite new to it but recorded some stuff over at myspace (link in the profile). I enjoyed reading through your work and I can certainly see how it would be rewarded when performed live.

<Deleted User> (4281)

Tue 22nd Apr 2008 04:21


I am very impressed with your poems. All writes are wonderful! Keep penning on your talent shines! I need to tell you that I like the video you have done on your You Tube'

Great Job!

<Deleted User> (4281)

Tue 22nd Apr 2008 04:17

Hello Daniel,

Thank you my friend in poetry for the great comment on my "Failed Dreams"


<Deleted User> (7790)

Wed 5th Dec 2007 22:35

Hello Daniel, it was terrific and thoroughly enjoyable talkiing to you this evening. We must skype again soon. Thank you for your poems -- powerful and poignant and memorable. Speak with you soon! Best Wishes, Moxy

<Deleted User> (7790)

Sun 2nd Dec 2007 15:06

Hello Daniel, poet of originality, vision and imagination -- I am really looking forward to the skype sessions.

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clarissa mckone

Thu 29th Nov 2007 02:49

Daniel, these poems of yours are very nice, love the poetry bomb esp!

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Julian (Admin)

Sun 23rd Sep 2007 15:36

I love the idea of poetry bombs. Presumably with several megatons of TLC?
Great poetry Daniel. thaks for posting here.

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Thu 20th Sep 2007 11:23

Hi mate, welcome to WOL, really enjoying the poems, not got round to listening to the audio sample yet but its on my "To-do" list!
All the best

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