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Dermot Glennon

Updated: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 03:45 pm

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Fairly well-known on the northwest circuit, Dermot Glennon generally slips under most people's radar. He has no firm views on the nature of poetry, or if he does then he keeps them very quiet. Most of his poems are about peace, love, flowers and cute puppies.


Anti-war poem. (A protest poem about the war in Chechnya) I’m working in a Chechen kitchen cooking chickens Should I cook these chickens Szechwan or Cajun Just catching chickens coshing ‘em and chucking ‘em in a casserole in a Chechen kitchen’s clearly incorrect As is choking chickens and chopping ‘em up with chips Chief chef in a Chechen kitchen is a difficult affair So I’ll move to Czech republic and be chief chicken chef out there I would be chuffed to be chief chicken chef in a Czechoslovakian kitchen Because Chechnya is a pain in the arse to say And anyway damn this confounded war… thing Every Object Tells a Story Every object tells a story My doctor says don’t listen The knife - for example - In the kitchen drawer Orates parables of chances missed And two people hanging on After the love has gone My advocate has warned me Of the danger of admission So I won’t go on The spade in the shed Leans up against the wall Engaging weary potterers And holding them in thrall As it recounts with sparkling eloquence Dread things that it recalls Of its youth, the truth The awful truth, The work that it has done The bump in the lawn Eyes me with suspicion Well – one would, in its position! As it salvos forth forlorn Dramatic monologues in which The fresh cadavers twitched Under cover of full moonlight The night that it was born On which the deed was done The wrinkles on the face Of the man at his computer Speak of time; and time again They whisper to the quiet Of loves lost, friendlessness And inebriation They say: "j’accuse, j’accuse - You can only blame yourself" And wonder at what could have been Had you left yourself open

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Tue 20th Apr 2010 18:06

Hi Isobel, we've enabled more commenting than ever on the April issue, but it was always our intention to try and limit immediate comment and take on board more letters and emails, which is more in keeping with a magazine format.

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Tue 20th Apr 2010 12:47

I think it is dreadful that you should keep disabling comments on features. As editor in chief you should take responsibility for it. How can I write nasty things about you, otherwise?

Ms Angry (from Tunbridge Wells)

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Sat 9th Jan 2010 17:06

Barring a thing that stops me, I will be going to the Tudor, and will do that poem there. Must say I'm rather touched by all these requests I've been getting from people lately.

At other times, they request me to do bad things, and when I open my eyes they're not there. Strange that.

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Chris Dawson

Mon 13th Jul 2009 02:07

As ever - many thanks for reading, and thanks for adding your own special touch - always a revelation!

<Deleted User> (6292)

Sun 31st May 2009 12:35

Ahh yes.... I remember it well.

and his lady wife Ruth... yes it was not my scene... The Bridge... is very nice ... I oft astride the Towpath...

We may well see one another across the Bridgewater..


<Deleted User> (6292)

Sun 31st May 2009 01:18

Not far away Dermot... Appleton

I used to attend a writing club in Stockton Heath at the Red Lion...but I grew out of it...I felt it was
a little too respectable.

<Deleted User> (5763)

Thu 21st May 2009 14:47

Thanks DG, they're in denial, they've got it coming to them.

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John Darwin

Tue 28th Apr 2009 18:08

Stunning stuff Dermot.

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Mon 26th Jan 2009 22:05

All four of the buggers look dangerous.

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Mon 26th Jan 2009 22:02

Three of them aren't me.

darren thomas

Mon 26th Jan 2009 21:29

There are now four identical DG's? What is this - iRobot Burns?

<Deleted User>

Thu 1st Jan 2009 01:09

thank you for being supportive and I hope we get a chance to meet soon - look forward to seeing the article once it's all up and running.

Also, it is good tomeet someone who believes in reading and education in relation to our own development of writing!

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Wed 3rd Dec 2008 10:15

I wanted something to accessorise my ermine robes and I saw that hat I thought it was to die for.

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Gus Jonsson

Wed 3rd Dec 2008 00:26

Why the Matador outfit Dermot?

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Tue 2nd Dec 2008 15:34

Thanks Steve, and if I get someone sacked for laughing, I will burst with pride - people getting sacked while reading that poem was probably what the city analysts had in mind when they were predicting 2 million unemployed by the end of the year.

Paul - who knows? Maybe I was, maybe we all were. Maybe that's how we got here.

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Steve OConnor

Tue 2nd Dec 2008 12:48

Whilst reading antonioni's Salford poem I came across your very own Salford poem.

It made me laugh out loud. At work. I found myself on the receiving end of strange looks.

One day they'll sack me. Probably. You'll be responsible. Partially.

I'm intrigued by your biography and find myself breathless with anticipation, waiting for the inevitable masterpiece about a peaceful puppy's love for flowers. You wouldn't lie in your biography, would you?

Keep up the good work. And the bad work (important!). I'd hate to think that any aspect of your life could be thrown out of balance.

<Deleted User> (5593)

Tue 2nd Dec 2008 10:15

Dear God DG you look like you've been painted by an ancient Dutch Master - just how old are you?

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Mon 1st Dec 2008 19:10

Yes. I suggest you go right back to the basics young man, and start again. You are obviously one of these experimental Johnnies, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as it's done in the privacy of your own home. You may find my 'recipe for an experimental poem' will be of some help. I have posted it on the rhyme thread of the discussion forum. You, and other young poets (I can tell you're a mere whippersnapper by your daguerrotype), will probably find my guidance very beneficial.

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Mon 1st Dec 2008 17:54

Rather annoyingly, that's fair comment on the Chechen chickens one. Even more annoyingly, that is the one "poem" that I have managed to sell more times than any other poems I have sold, and for the most money in any one sale too!

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Mon 1st Dec 2008 17:10

Bloody rubbish! I can't believe people are showering praise on this unadulterated ordure. If I had a pound for every time I had heard some half-arsed performance poet spouting about 'Chechen chickens' I'd have £17.37 by now. It doesn't even rhyme or scan properly. It's people like you who bring the world of poetry into disrepute. If I had my way you'd be sent away to fillet fresh fish fignons in Fiji or mince migratory mackerel morsels in Madagascan motel mezzanines.

The 'object' one was ok, though.

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Richard Brooks

Thu 21st Aug 2008 09:43

I know what you mean. I do feel compelled to leave someone a comment because they have left me one. I find the whole thing quite narcissistic, its a shame that one needs a comment to allow them to believe their poetry is good. There are however a few poets on the site who are more 'honest' than most and actually leave constructive criticism (which I am here for, I generally know whether right or wrong, what is good about my poems but Im blind to my own weaknesses) Darren for example. Do you attend the gigs?

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Richard Brooks

Wed 20th Aug 2008 16:59

I read your posts on the what is poetry? argument posted by myself originally and you sounded so intelligent and confident of your opinions I alsmost hoped I wouldnt like your poems! But of what Ive read I have to say I've enjoyed and found your choice of words and language engaged me alot into the world of your poem and created very vivid images. I love the subtleness of the image of the spade against the wall. Thanks. Richard

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Sun 10th Aug 2008 14:39

You are very generous indeed with your praise, but all I really achieved was to bring the two sides together and get them to start talking and listening to each other rather than bombing each other, eventually bringing peace and stability to the region; so my role was really quite minor. Nonetheless, it remains a very poignant poem to this day.

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Paul F Blackburn

Sun 10th Aug 2008 11:05

In the annals of recorded poetry I can't think of any poet better than you, you are (to quote another great poet) simply the best!

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Sat 9th Aug 2008 12:15

Thanks Paul, and I know what you mean about the imagery - reading that one back I almost get the feeling that I'm actually there and that I can practically taste those chickens!

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Paul F Blackburn

Sat 9th Aug 2008 09:09

What an absolutely marvellous poet you are DM! Your imagery is breath-taking, you scan with the best and your rhyme is sublime.

<Deleted User> (3509)

Tue 22nd Jul 2008 23:46

I don't quite get the chickens, but you're obviously a fantastic poet.

darren thomas

Mon 21st Jul 2008 00:03

Dermot - I've just got back from the Howcroft. I'd just like to say that I thought your poem about an 'orchestra' was superb. This performance poetry 'thang' is doing your poetry a world of good. Well done.

<Deleted User> (5646)

Sun 13th Jul 2008 02:57

Hi Dermot, just want to say i think you did a fantastic job as compere on Thursday at the Tudor. You managed to keep us all entertained with both your own work and your repertoire.
God only knows how you rattled off so many introductions in flowing extracts from their work, but well done. It was a pleasure to meet you and hope to see you again soon.
Lots o love. Janet.xx

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Paul F Blackburn

Mon 16th Jun 2008 07:57

That's a beard and a half DG!

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