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Horace Thespider

Updated: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 07:11 pm

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i change my identity more often than i change my underwear. consequently i stink Good day to you.


Cross Channel swimmers Fish have scales And turtles shells And walruses have blubber A frogman wouldn’t wet his feet Without his suit of rubber But the naked form in ice-cold seas Is exposed to say the least Which is why cross-channel swimmers Like to smear themselves in grease And I feel I could play my part In their aquatic endeavour By applying the emollient membrane That prevents them from turning to leather I wouldn’t use it sparingly Or dilute it with thinners I’d slap it nice and thick upon Those daring distance swimmers I don’t want any medals Or fancy eight-course dinners I just want to rub the grease On cross-channel swimmers Only the very best would do From ostriches or geese I’d cull them, pluck them, render them For their supply of grease Stored in jars of earthenware Or possibly porcelain pots And when called into action I’d be ready with the lot I’d shout encouragement And we’d both feel warm inside They from insulation And I professional pride I don’t want an oscar or grammy Or anything quite so banal I just want to rub the grease On those who swim the channel They’d be waterproof and weatherproof As sleek as a dolphin’s tail Slipping through the sea in a coat of dripping How could their endurance fail? And when France at last came underfoot And we’d squabbled with our very last squid I’d take the grease back off again With a brush and fairy liquid. I don’t want notoriety Or to be questioned by the police I just want to be the mystic masseur Who covers cross-channel swimmers in grease

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David Franks

Fri 10th Sep 2010 10:11

Hi Horace: just enjoyed some of your verse, and good to know you'd recycle your "Cross Channel Swimmers" grease! David.

<Deleted User> (5763)

Wed 13th Jan 2010 11:16

Thanks Mark, no there's no more, I wrote it more or less on the spur of the moment, not having been on the site for a while.
Shame I've started the new year in Mr Grumpy mode!
I'm try ing to be more positive. will see what I can come up with.

<Deleted User> (7164)

Sun 3rd Jan 2010 11:04

Hiya Mark,
nice to see your real tag but i liked Horace the spider too.

Thanks for your comment on my latest poem. I do think i posted it a little too early though and i also think i've edited a little too much out of it and on top of all that i now want to change the title. hmmm...
we live and learn! :-)


<Deleted User> (7140)

Tue 1st Dec 2009 17:12


I enjoyed your Ringworm & grease. Brilliant. Graham Fellows would be proud.



<Deleted User> (5646)

Wed 24th Jun 2009 10:54

Hi, i removed my photo and profile and took up an alias for a short while. Didn't work though so decided to just be me. I can't seem to upload photos to wol, it just won't go in which means mithering poor Paul in admin to do it for me. :-)

Are you thinking of coming along to the Tudor any time soon?
Good luck with your musical stuff. Are you doing gigs?


<Deleted User> (5646)

Thu 16th Oct 2008 14:22

Hiya, thanks for your comment on 'the frog and the prince.'
Me thinks you saw deep into the meaning of it.

It was nice to meet you in Wigan at the Tudor.
Hope you enjoyed it and we'll see you again soon.
Love Janet.xx

Pete Crompton

Sat 27th Sep 2008 19:49

superb poetry.
very clever.
neatly crafted
most enjoyable.
My kind of poet.

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