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Updated: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 01:52 pm

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Environmental educator, writer, singer, poet, and part-time trouble maker. Jennie B is all of these but still can't do cartwheels. She's been writing stories since she was about ten, and poems since 1995ish. A classically trained singer, she has sung in choirs, two bands (one goth rock, the other goth folk), and also sings in the shower. She does weddings too, not necessarily Goth weddings. Sporadic poetry and music performances over the last six or so years include: various Hammer & Tongue events in Oxford (including featuring in the 2008 final - I didn't win, but I did help save a duck beforehand), Hear the Word, the Arcane Festival, the Manchester Slamm (yes, that's right, two ms), West Midlands Vegan Festival and the London Vegan Festival. Poetry published in 'The Nail' (2005, 2006), 'Best of Manchester Poets: Volume 1' (Puppywolf, 2010) and 'Electric Sky' (Bad Language, 2011). She lives in the hub of excitement: Stockport and can also be found working in Lancaster and lurking in Cumbria. Her poetry and rants live here: She still finds it weird to write in the third person and will always hate liquorice.


I Don’t Shave I have to admit it - although you may stare But I don’t shave (and don’t wear underwear). I do not remove my soft armpit fuzz Why- coz I like it. It causes a fuss. You may feel slightly queasy - I can feel your glare That I don’t shave (and may forget underwear) I do not delete the dark wisps from my feet Why - coz I like it - I’m not that effete! It’s liberating! Thank all your creases and all your bumps, embrace your wrinkles, your crinkles and all other lumps But if you pretend that you like it well, you’re a bunch of sycophants just coz I’m fluffy and I don’t wear pants Well. Yes, I AM furry - I do proudly declare Because I don’t shave (and yep - no underwear). I don’t pluck my eyebrows, my lips or my arms Why - coz I like it - hair causes no harm. Whether you’re shaped hymenoptera, gazelle, gnu or bear It’s not scary being hairy - just be who you are So accept me. And love me. But you’d better beware For I don’t shave and I’m not wearing underwear. 15th Feb 2005 Eudaemonic Walk over here, tell me you understand, or pretend with your eyes: lie to me. (But softly, softly I’m more sensitive than you know). Then I’ll lose myself in you Because I held you as your tears fell, oh well, you certainly played me. Sequins of sound on a black background, soft thrum, a bass bee’s hum. Chasing the rhythms in rivers we float on together. We drift on together. We drift, we drift ceaselessly but the beat between us fades and we can be lazy. We drift, we drift aimlessly, moving until sleep-soaked morning. We didn’t hear the warning. I’ll walk over there, tell you I understand; no pretence in my eyes. It will be no surprise. But I digress, I don’t need to impress you. Oh, I have more dignity than that. So, I’ll get over this in time; I’ll be more sensible. So, I’ll get over this in time; I’ll be more sensible. Song lyrics with music by Vanessa Lewis/Sun Rose Blue (, written late August – 29th November 2009.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.


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7:00pm at Wellington Road South, Stockport, SK3 8AB, GB

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Andy N

Thu 6th Oct 2011 09:06

Part 3 and Part 4 of the End of Summer are now up, Jennie.. Hope you are good and hope to see you soon at Stockport! x

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Andy N

Thu 29th Sep 2011 22:19

Hi Jennie;

thanks for the comment over 'the end of summer ii'.

i am really enjoying writing this series that much have now gone and blogged part iii and hoping to blog part iv (the finale) next week or maybe week-end.

hope you are good and hope to see you again soon

cheers x

andy n xx

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nick armbrister

Mon 2nd Nov 2009 16:55

hi Jennie i like your poems. very good work. also im interested in your music. coz i love gohicmusic from anne marie of skeletal family/ghost dance to the heavvy stuff like the gathering.

goth rock i know but goth folk? pls enlighten me on it coz ive not heard of that before unless you include mazzy star? do you have any on cd or myspace music site i can check out? are your songs similar to your poetry? sorry for all the questions lol.

im a regular in the goth clubs/pubs and welcome the chance to listen to new music so yours im very interested in checking out. and do you gig or go on tour?

myself i do poems and fiction stuff. i cant sing or do music tho so i write instead. i always thing a poor 2nd place but i just do my best. one day id like to sing properly but i just dont think itll happen without a good teacher lol. dark regards nick.:)x

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David Franks

Sun 1st Feb 2009 08:56

Armpits aside, Jennie, I like your use of trad. metre and rhyme.

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Mia Darlone

Mon 23rd Jun 2008 12:45

Yes, i'm going to try it out at Beat the Frog at the Frog and Bucket on 21st July, and it features in Below the Belt, but as a discussion between a sex therapist and a scally, rather than as Cockney Rhyming Slag. It was recorded so I'll send you the link to the website when it's up.

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Mia Darlone

Thu 19th Jun 2008 13:08

Hey! Loved your performance last night - wish I had your energy on stage. Glad to see the shaving poem up! Hopefully see you later, I'm not sure how well my poem 'Boner of Contention' will go down......

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Daniel Hooks

Wed 18th Jun 2008 17:30

just went onto your nyspace if you like vampires here is a poem for you;
Your eyes are dark,
They hide your darkness within
Waiting to ousted
Your lips red like a rose
Full and bee stung.
Your pose inviting me to take a bite
Come to me and be a creature of the night.

I’d like to kiss your neck with butterfly bites
Hold you tight
In a death grip
Lead you to the undeath with breathless sighs of
Deep within your soul as you stare into my ageless eyes.

I’ll hold you tight as I bite
Caress you as you fall
As the death calls
I’ll let you feed on me.
Finally when you are sleeping
I take you to my tomb
I’ll be your groom you my bride
We will hide from the sun that you need no more
Then when the pale moon rises we will walk hand in hand
Under its light
I’ll be your eyes your sight
The most important light in your eternity.
Nothing will touch you my eternal red rose
As this is life you chose
When you invited me to take a bite.

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Jennie B

Wed 18th Jun 2008 17:06

Thanks :)

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Daniel Hooks

Wed 18th Jun 2008 17:04

welcome to write out loud Jennie!!!

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