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I am a novice poet in Newfoundland, Canada who has only dabbled in the writing world of words. I recently had been inspired by Sylvia Plath who has captured my heart with her truth. I have done some mediocre poetry in the past but nothing worth keeping. I figure, if I complete one poem a day maybe, just maybe I will get better. So that's my plan, to proliferate my creative out-ports! I am very active with spoken word, more specifically, Theatre. I am in my fourth year at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University practicing my love of acting. I hope my understanding of communication will allow my poetry to reach other people who read it the same way I connect with the audience on stage.


Collarbones ------------ Collarbones, collarbones, collarbones. I wish I hadn't known Of every pretty girl Whose hair is perfectly curled Or eyelashes as far as the sun, I simply wish there were none. I am not the fairest of them all My eyes are brown And lips too small, Rather than the girl whose eyes Make guys fall in the sunrise of Green, blue and hazel. I am not as petite as the girl down the street, Her legs are enduring While mine hardly assure me That I have beauty too. As hard as it is to think it's true My beauty is there through and through. My laugh created true love, Now he kisses me with hugs. He proclaims his adornment of my attributes: My hair, my smile, that I am cute. All of his love fills me with joy, Yet my insides are completely destroyed. A wall is formed for compliments, They are read but not allowed in. No matter how much I try to let them win My true beauty has to come from within. It will take the course of a lifetime To feel the sweet, sweet freedom of my own sublime.

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Michaela Sheldon

Mon 12th Jun 2017 19:11

Thank you so much for your comments!
It means a lot to me. šŸŒ·

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SeƔn Maguire

Mon 12th Jun 2017 18:01

Wow, the imagery and tone of this poem has a musical feel. It is really vivid and I got swept away it reminded of times when I used to go fishing.

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