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Schrödinger's Squirrel

There’s a pome in that blog post,

Chère maman, chère maman,

There’s a pome in that blog post,

Chère maman, there’s a pome!


Well, so what, cher Henri,

Cher Henri, cher Henri,

Well, so what cher Henri,

Well so bloody what?


I don’t bloody well like it,

Chère maman, chère maman,

I don’t bloody like it,

Not one little bit!


Well, say so, Cher Henri,


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In Memoriam de Jo Cox MP

One of the prime motivators of Brexit and the UKIP party was financed ironically by European groups whose members included fascists, homophobes and misogynists.

That same person, dog-whistling violence, has threatened to "pick up his rifle and head for the front line" if Brexit doesn't go his way.

 I reckon that a re-post of this, written shortly after the death of Jo Cox MP. is therefore ap...

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Bon Appétit Monsieur Le Tory!

« Aw diddums! ‘as Bo Jo tekken away thi whips?

Tha’d best get thi guns eawt then, on’ t’ shootin’ sticks.

Lookin’ on t’ breight side…a well - flogged peasant,

Just ain’t got the texture on’ ne’er tastes uz pleasant,

Uz pulled leaded pheasant…avec jus de pissed-on chips! »



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Loitering Without Tent

Every word of this is true - except that I went in August, which doesn't rhyme with Way!




To perambulate Albion was my intent,

And I eagerly purchased a one-man tent,

But idle sod me favoured procrastination,

For twelve months shunning the bus and tr...

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