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well this time

well this place

well this we


for those we kiss

for those we miss

for those we love 


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The Pretenders

'' 2000 miles....''  The Pretenders

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Ballad of Beelzebub

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Joe McElderry
Cowell's spawn,
what is it that
lies underneath?
Joe McElderry
sugary corn,
Too many smiles
Too many teeth

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Rage Against The Machine

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''Freedom is not when

the Master let him go,

it was when the Master said ''Yes'' 

and he said ''No!'' 

quote used by Tom Morello 

(Rage Against The Machine) 

on BBC radio 6

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Christianity and other myths

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She said: ''You forget about

the fall back position

of Christianity: 


According to the Catholic church 

all 'souls' that had no faith

but were without sin- 

ended up there.

I envisage  

countless babies 

crawling around for eternity, 

crying for their mums!''

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The Love Making Of Hiawatha

I sit beside you

your wanting me

I sit beside my self

my wanting your wanting 

your thigh

against my skirt

my skirt riding

my thigh's skirt riding

your arm that is resting

my breast that is pressing 

your movement at my chest

my movement cannot rest

your heat makes me wet

don't stop-not yet

your wine spills a drop

the wine spills-don't stop

the time ...

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Behind The Event

Back where I was once

I am now contrived,

Awaiting  the return trip;

Waiting in strained advance-

Abandoned thus obliged.

This situationist event

Becomes an angry retort:

To reply to actions

One must think of the consequences-

Or file a 'Missing' report.

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The shopping of Hiawatha.

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I saw you waiting 

in the light 

stood there waiting

standing there

saw you in

the window's light

standing facing

to the light

from the windows

tall and bright

from the shopping

arcade's light

from the arcade's

neon glare

I saw you shopping

standing there


I saw you standing

shopping the...

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test run for blog entry comment disablement procedure.

.....hello......testing (THIS IS NOT A POEM- PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT) ......testing......hello.....(am I really doing this?...I should be poking sticks at the weather...)......testing comment disablement procedure......please enable the 'tick' should you require comments to be posted......(god I thought I ticked all the right boxes.....but he did....apparently)...testing.....hello.....(PLEASE DO NOT...

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I dreamt of the end-of-the-world last night!

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I stood and watched

Two planes collide.

And heard the sound

As from a memory.

The felt warmth

Of neutrinos,

Scarred an image

Through every skull.

Like a beautiful Angiogram.

We sighed as the missiles

Wrote their new world history-

Though shorter than a blink.



foto & poem T Carroll

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I watched and waited

for this falling light.

How the warmth of


held your spoken



How the push and shove

just came and went.

How I miss her

and her name amongst friends.


The morning's ache


a worried sky

and long for gaze

betray this shuttered eye.

I wake again...

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The stops

entry picture

...three dots

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I Leant Against The Wall

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She lay tangled In my bed-clothes.

I watched trapezoids of summer light make motes alive to the warmth. 

I leant against the wall and counted her breaths,

pale and shallow her rising breasts,

her hair webbed with sleep and

gripped to her belly my gown 

since last she bathed. 


I lowered my case-

and loved her more.

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thole swoopstake

forget money

forget shopping:

go look at the rocks


poke a twig at the sky!

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Advice to the Elderly November the Fifth.

Be careful to ALL fireworkers:

Old ladies with knitting disorders

And grumpy old men with pacemakers

Have vowed to ''Pour dribbles of WATER

Upon the fuse of each

And any firework

That they come accross''.

Informents have told police

To look out for suspicious groups

Of slowly moving strangers

Smelling of urine!

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The shame of sexual disfunction of a man with no trousers.

The woman laughed

A man shrank

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The shame of Impotence discovered by a second party.

A woman laughed

The man drank


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Week-ends, week-ends,



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My Love sits astride Another's Love

As I another sit,

My Love holds Another's hand

While Another's gaze is met.

Another watches  My Love's mouth

As I another watch,

My Love speeks Another's name

But My Love its troth I catch.

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Persephone's Filthy Dream

This is the tangled time

The time that heavy with want

Becomes the jaw for open thighs.

My tasty flesh renders

The cleft for wet truth.

The hour is slim; my ache can shatter Persephone's slake.

Enthralled against the serpent earth!

Legs knotted, lay tangled in ancient ruin.

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Love sits astride



And I



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lads unquestionably do:

Lads stay up

Much later than


They do:

Without question.


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Haiku I supposed that

you were shorter than

I first supposed it to be.

Once again.

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hearing sadness



not know where I live:




know where




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...and thus it goes.


(and thus it goes. My brain interposing with drivel...)

and sometimes the words come out wardback and shus instead of 'thus' but should come out frontward...'Thus'

( I tire of this consious senility, this humour by disguise...)

 ...with lost inflection and missing adverbs splet not spelt...

( and so it goes...)

and...thus it goes.

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part of the sequence of the equation for scratching my nose...

Closed form expression

Like every sequence defined by linear recurrence, the Fibonacci numbers have a closed-form solution. It has become known as Binet's formula, even though it was already known by Abraham de Moivre:

where is the golden ratio (sequence A001622 in OEIS)

(note, that , as can be seen from the defining equation above).

The Fibonacci recursion

is similar to the defining equa...

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Going Backwards in Time  him: 'Central to this objection is your reaction...' her: ' A bit of ''Leninist stick bending'' that moves it to Its required point!
 a bit of Leninist stick bending that moves it to the point!
 I waited but you never came- I'll wait awhile though it's in vain.    
 is listening to ''Bring me ...

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Fibonacci Sequence

him: 'Central to this


is your reaction...'

her: ' A bit of  ''Leninist
stick bending''
 that moves it
to Its required point!'

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Various poems and replies from others in thier style- a thank you!


half a mil

Blogs of nods

in thier various styles,


'' Fill up our walls with English dead...''

This bouquet of pansies and such

A  tribute to this lasting sauce.

A River flowing thru


Discourse of mind and word.


Thank you!

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point this way

entry picture

pointed are: pointless the persuation,

pointing in our blanks the verse;

the unsaid lines of this invasion

saddend useless with the verbs.


weighted are: exagerated  tenses,

waiting in our queue the lines;

the handled change of this deception

worried senseless many times.



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this smile

This brush


then emptied against my teeth.


brushed up down and sideways.

all over.

then sluiced with liquid that kills

again, my mouth.

then sodium bicarbonate

to rental the bullets in

the dying brains.

I smile


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" Sure... how much?"

The weight

has token

then value

always indermand


"shall we move ...?"

Ok...this is the reflection

of my crying...

in its vain

in its nose

in its wallet.

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...there's this then that.

How sweet

a noise

from her

from him

Then a brush

against the arm


how beautiful

this sorry sound

like Jazz

but she

Kate Bush

makes simple

the beautifulness of Jazz





this swank

and wonderfullness


that stride amid my

lasting wants,


My arm is touched

and Stan Getz greets wishers.

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1,000,000,000 others



1 + them



= 0

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not reading old poems but listening to Kate Bush

it was then


it aint

that that was

is as


will be

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Blackened Berries

I will blacken my tongue
with berries,
and the laugh will crack this smile;
with your face: always your face.
I will dampen my tongue
with tears,
and the laugh will soften this land
with your smile: always your smile.
I will comfort your words
with time,
and the laugh will open this prize
with your kindness: always your kindness.

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This jig-saw thinking


Blended butter in the gaps


The most eloquent



Echoed with wood 



So this is how music

Can sound

When love vibrates.

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The Cerebral Anjiogram or Blood on the Neuro X- Ray Department Dance Floor

Words without issue



Thoughts fork:

Thinks blink:

A primordial head-scape-

A brilliant zink.

Making Thoughts



From this addled lexicon

And silly thinking

A focus



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Happy...thingy...what's his name...?

To Me

A once and current bun

For thine is the trickery

And shall be holy upon the holies

A sun this day here has

And his shall be called Thomas

Thomas after the future kings of England

And Henry for the same reason

All for the day

Are men.

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It's 2:45 and the neighbours are fighting.
Anal sex is preferable to the shit out-side.
A good rogering is prefered to eviction
And I am re-reading I Told You.
While walls spasm and the
Glotis grip-
The terror belches
A real good fuck.
2 days ago
Posted by: Tommy Carroll

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I left the party early:

My letraseted syntax

With its addled Lexicon

And garbled scrabble pattern

Left with its coat and hat on.


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going knowing gone!

i didn't know your leaving

nor wasn't told you'd gone

not knowing you were knowing

that i'd know i was not one

she left me all alone

not wanting to be one

i listened to her leaving

i new she had gone

so: she's not leaving knowing

so: she's listened to her gone

that knew she wanted leaving

left me the only one.

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I love Amy but as a guy said:

she needs to get that racoon off her head
she looks like shit and it's probably filled with crack
and rum and fuckin cockroaches...

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My knowing you: You knowing someone else.

Expressive Dysphasia

Is storming through

Like the wasted

Train-line tangle

Of  the word spate

That heaves my name.

My tsunami chimes

Its Brain Cell Pattern

Like dizzy bends of  thinking. 

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front of the queue-relapse

I'm waiting in line

I'm waiting in line

I'm waiting in line

I'm waiting in line

I'm waiting in line

I'm waiting in line

I'm waiting in line

I'm waiting in line

I'm waiting in line

I'm waiting in line

I'm waiting in line

I'm waiting in line



well this is a tine time to walk sideways......diff....h..............minkolew.........98)_


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entry picture



well this is a tine time to walk sideways......diff....h..............minkolew.........98)_

do.........3...why do the dreams change channels?....?...shh?


shh.........oh the violance...violata...vid...(come now come quick).....

:::, shh,..........


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Lizzie by night

entry picture

That second Lizzie
That once in a life second
The way you laughed that night
The way you fetched service
The way you looked- this easy...

The way you knew who we were that night
The way you were followed by all
The way you were trailed by me
The way you were sure of this and that
The way you were so easy to be
So very easy In my company...

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