The shopping of Hiawatha.

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I saw you waiting 

in the light 

stood there waiting

standing there

saw you in

the window's light

standing facing

to the light

from the windows

tall and bright

from the shopping

arcade's light

from the arcade's

neon glare

I saw you shopping

standing there


I saw you standing

shopping there

saw you with the

shopping there

In the arcade windows glare

stood there standing


stood there standing

chestnut hair

watched by shoppers

stood to stare

bathed within the

window's light

before the windows

tall and bright

in the light just

standing there


you stood waiting

I stood there

both of us stood

standing there

you stood standing


I watched you

as you watched



words and foto T Carroll


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Steve Smith

Wed 16th Dec 2009 17:19

Tommy, this sings to me a tune like a jig or reel.It's the most musical piece I've read recently and gives me some inspiration.
Steve Smith

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 5th Dec 2009 16:58

Is this the pulsing rhythm of the famous 'Hiawatha' by Longfellow? I memorized reams of lines from this in school, and walked in its cadence for weeks, mesmerized by its very sound.
This is a lovely poem, really enchanting, hypnotic.

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