The Love Making Of Hiawatha

I sit beside you

your wanting me

I sit beside my self

my wanting your wanting 

your thigh

against my skirt

my skirt riding

my thigh's skirt riding

your arm that is resting

my breast that is pressing 

your movement at my chest

my movement cannot rest

your heat makes me wet

don't stop-not yet

your wine spills a drop

the wine spills-don't stop

the time thrills-don't stop

your weight is 

just so

my top is 

so low

my ears hum 

a pulse in my ears

the blood drowns my ears

my eyes forget to blink

I feel the wetness creep

I shift my hips and feel the wetness seep

I watch you mouth and forget to speak

your eyes find their mark

your eyes deep and dark

I watch your mouth move

I watch the shape of your mouth move

It's been an hour but the hands don't move

the clock nor your hands prove

willing to chance

spilling a move

this must be the bliss 

the thrill that is 

that is this, that is the bliss

we have been sat looking

at each other still looking

not speaking

this waiting

is the bliss that was waiting

to be this this is the bliss

the bliss that is waiting.

Is this.  


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 14th Jul 2019 13:38


I actually have a recent poem that refers to 'Hiawatha' also. It's finished, but I haven't yet decided to share. Coincidence sometimes boggles my mind! Who else has specifically used 'Hiawatha'! Anywhere! Let alone on WOL! I'm not too sure about using it now. It might look copy-cat. And you know me - HORRORS!

As a teenager, I loved that poem! It's ingrained in my very soul.

How did you bring up 2009? How did I not respond way back then?

<Deleted User> (7164)

Sat 12th Dec 2009 11:47

Great poem, brilliant flow.
I love this style... blissful imaginings dulling the pain of waiting.


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