It's 2:45 and the neighbours are fighting.
Anal sex is preferable to the shit out-side.
A good rogering is prefered to eviction
And I am re-reading I Told You.
While walls spasm and the
Glotis grip-
The terror belches
A real good fuck.

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Hilary Walker

Thu 8th Oct 2009 23:20

Love it .......but please can you post the video of you performing this piece naked so I can give a fuller critique

Russell Thompson

Tue 6th Oct 2009 12:48

You can't use the word 'belch' on here - this is a family website.

In fact, I am so outraged by your poem that I will threaten to delete myself from the site (until all my friends beg me not to).

Furthermore, I will kick in the screen of my computer, for good measure. Just as soon as I've posted this comment.

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