Senses softened in the dark afternoon
This year is charring in the fire grate
So I pour out into the haunted fields
Looking for loneliness, for lines, for clues
To get a handle on all that’s happened
To make predictions on where I am headed

All around my body, the world’s covered by a sheet
Life’s decorator is preparing to paint the new year
This land spills on for snowy miles
My past reels out somewhere behind me
In those paths taken, in those choices made;
There are glimpses of the shape of my future

The Grecian islands, the Cornish coast
Those petty milestones, those brave goodbyes
From swollen ankles, to exploded minds
Portuguese walled-towns, to Derbyshire hills
From a decade planted, then uprooted and moved
The letting go, the keeping a hold
Surprises; surprising, plans made and fulfilled
Much falls away, much more presents itself
Weddings, worries, work; with friends
Consciousness glides across the ghostly fields
Comes to rest behind my smiling eyes

So now I have the things I’ve always wanted
The peace I chased, the love I imagined
The tools I’ll need are all within me
And Kate is waiting, with her key, somewhere

By the gate, I pause, look up into the nothing
Time stands still, my eyes adjust...
The pitch black night is full of stars
(When did I last see those?)
My gaze breaks, my footsteps in the powder flow
Time moves, I need for nothing else...
I go back into the house

Toss my wondering on the fire
Pour a drink, talk to my family
I’m satisfied
And warm...


(25th December 2011)

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Sun 15th Dec 2013 22:01

Brilliant piece of writing Tom. I was truly enveloped by it.

Nice work.


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 15th Dec 2013 11:07


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Sat 14th Dec 2013 20:37

I like this. I like the description and also how at the start "This year is charring in the fire grate" and at the end you "Toss my wondering on the fire", bringing it all together.

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Rose Casserley

Sat 14th Dec 2013 10:52

sooo cosy an ending,to a great poem.
one suggestion though-

natures decorator is poised
to paley paint in,the new year'


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