Tunnelling in the dirt below my feet
I've been digging here all week
carving this hollow so deep
today, I hit bone

This is heavier work than I imagined
surveyed the ground from beyond the fence
And we both agreed that this was right
but now the toil is breaking me apart

As a new day rises
I'm bawling in the shower
never knew I could feel this pain
with the taps turned up to ten
never knew this hurt was in me

She works elsewhere, broken too
she rests elsewhere, with someone new

This is the lowest point
please promise me
please let this be
the lowest point

She will undulate and warp
she will dig her way through
and when she climbs out of her tunnel
she will be who she's become
and the person I loved will be gone

She may smile that same way sometimes
she may shout me some echoey 'hello'
but the person I loved will be gone

So as I hack away at the heavy earth
I pause to wipe my brow and grieve
mourning the friend, the love, the way of life
that will be buried when this work is done

Everyone's heart gets bloodied some time
I just never thought I'd choose this path
never understood the way
the pain grips you in your bones each night
as you work your way through the tunnel

This is the lowest point
This has to be...
please let this be...

Promise me, it's on from here
out of the tunnel, my work complete
and back up again
towards the light...

break updepressionlowmoving onsadness

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jane wilcock

Wed 18th Sep 2013 22:51

A powerful poem .

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Rose Casserley

Wed 18th Sep 2013 10:57

wonderfully constructed,pleasureable read.x

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