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The heart was yearning
like hearts are known to do
The heart knew for what it was thirsting
as hearts often do
Standing too close to the window
hovering wild-eyed on the roof
watching the sun set through grubby glass
chasing peach skies on a push bike
Oh the heart knows that it is hungry
So the heart is quietly aligning 
this vessel body toward
A place where the light is brightest
A place where the love is strongest
The body feels the draw, the pull of the view
that silent need asking itself so subtly
the ripening fruit of pure beauty
that begging expansive squall, the call of the sea
Oh the heart knows for what it is aching
So the heart is coyly aligning
this vessel body toward
A place where the light stays longest
A place where the song is endless
A place where the heart's relentless beating
is answered by the sea…
(August, 2013)

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<Deleted User> (11459)

Mon 7th Oct 2013 10:32

the sea mood is clearly felt here

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