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A Citizen Peasant Answers a Question of a Man of Graces

If ever you want to wind up an Irishman like me, dress up in full riding gear and refer to yourself and you chums as "gentry". The following poem, while not Shakespeare, retells a story from Tyrellspass in Westmeath beside me where one poor tourist made the mistake...




Can you tell me, sir, a man passing did say
To a citizen of Ireland at his gate one day
When the ...

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New Song: "Our Never Had Romance" - Ó Cárthaigh / Schroeter

entry picture
New Song: "Our Never Had Romance" - Ó Cárthaigh / Schroeter

Our Never Had Romance

Part of the "Lady of the Sweetest Smile" series, the song is samg by Guillherme Shroeter of Brazil, who wrote the music to my lyrics.

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911 Tribute Poem

What did it achieve, bar hatred
And indeed if that was its aim
It did not build the hatred they thought
We don't hate all Moslems the same
Some fools do, but not us all
So it failed, the bombers dream
We know the majority are just like us
And the terrorists from the extreme.

Some say it was in revenge for a plane crash

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9-119/11911New Yorktwin towersWar on Terror

Words Written While Listening to "Moonlight Sonata"

As if the gods were striking the strings
The air the piano plays
And I listening am transported
Back to former slower days
When the world was better and people purer
For all the faults we know they had
And I look at the world and its woes
And its greed and I am sad.

It is strange that, to think
In, when the music was writ...

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"Cat in the Kitchen" - Satire on the US withrawal from Iraq

entry picture

We put the cat out of the kitchen
For we saw upon the shelf
That what was on it was priceless
And he just might smash the delph

And we saw in the window the flowerpots
And he jumped in and out
We were afraid he might break the plants
As he gamboled about.

And we saw on the table the food
The best of milk and of meat
You cant have a cat ...

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Kid in a Cart in Kosovo

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Kid in a Cart in Kosovo

A Poem by Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

After Kosovo war ethnic Romany's fled, only to return when the war was over. 11 years later they are still there. Its a UN camp. 89 at are dead from lead.

There's a kid in a cart in Kosovo
Asleep tonight in his bed
Such as it is in a refugee camp
That is poisoned by lead.

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Srebrenica - Сребреница

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Will humanity ever learn? Europes worst war crime since World War II brought home the fact that its not just Cambodia and distant places where massacres occur, but anywhere that there is hate.

This time the Serb units in the area were in the wrong. Courts rules the Serb state as it was and is was not responsible. Last time it was the Utasha, Skanderberg SS and...

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I Was the Reluctant Lover

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I was the reluctant lover
She was a Goddess divine
I was not as brave as a man should be
And so her heart was never mine

Oh, am I the fool of legend
Am I the only one
Who loved and lost as I never tossed
My hat in the ring till the girl was gone?

And as I look at the picture
Her face and smile come to mi...

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For the Corncrakes Sake and Mankinds

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The corncrake has been saved more or less by efforts of the "Save the Corncrake" movement in Ireland, and the RSPB in the UK. The bird, its distinctive sound once common, is now only in a few hinterlands, one of the main ones in the callowlands around Banagher in County Offaly, and down into Lusmagh and also Meelick and Clonfert in neighbouring Galway, where the overflows of the R...

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Just Because They Once Were Victims

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This is not an anti-semetic poem, or anti - Israeli poem.

This is a protest poem, in protest at the violation of human rights in attacking ships laden with aid and medical supplies bound for Gaza.

Israel has the right to exist... fact.

So does Palestine... fact.

Israel cannot starve out the Palestinians.

A colauge of mine from the Irish...

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Hatred in the Heart of Olde England

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They bought the land, we understand
With hard cash fair and square
But as they are not English folk
They cannot build their own park there
On land that they themselves own
As a blockade blocks the load
Of supplies for drainage and ancillary works
So they don't camp on the road
For their town is picturesque
In the heart of Old England
The truth's if your not white, Engli...

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"Just a Boy" - Toyosi Shittabey Memorial Poem

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This is the kind of poem a poet wishes that they did not have to write... this is the kind of poem that gives a poet the reason to write, its why God gave us the ability to write.

A Nigerian immigrant was murdered on the streets of Dublin, Ireland on Good Friday last. This poem is my reaction to the tragedy...



He was full of life

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Cartys Poetry Journal

Submissions saught to cartyweb@hotmail.com for the February edition of Cartys Poetry Journal.

Read the January edition below...

Carty's Poetry Journal : FREE PDF DOWNLOAD
Ships in 3–5 business days
The inaugoral January 2010 edition of Cartys Poetry Journal, a magazine of poetry of poets from Ireland and across the world.

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That We May Never Have to Play Dalibors Fiddle

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During  Vladislav II's reign  knight Ploskovský behaved toward his people in serfdom in a such a cruel way, that peasants did revolt capturing him and forced him to free them from the serfdom.

The peasents asked for serfdom from Dalibor from Kozojed, who behaved in a more humane way.
The nobles, scared of the trend spreading invited Dalibor to the court to Prague and put him into the prison, gra...

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