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That Little Four Letter Word Called Love

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In the game of love, the act that should be the last, is now the opening salvo. But, as a man… why am I complaining?

This one is a work in progress. A bit bitter after hearing a fellow poet dismiss men’s romantic verse as “cheesy”, I thought how the shaggers / fuckers call them what you will, win and the decent folk are cast aside in these common times…

Karl Marx said religion was the ...

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Out Dogs and More Along With You

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n our home in Aughagreagh we used to have our share of the local sessions, where neighbours met up to party, tonight in one house, next night in someone else’s. This tells of a local house where the wife had a short tolerance after a certain hour and wanted the house cleared. The locals, out of a sense of fun and divilment, were not for moving… I wrote a version of this before and lost the words o...

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Breaking the Duck at the Roisin Dubh, some Salsa Dancing and Tai Chi in Galway – Getting through the Bucket List and Early Onset Mid Life Crisis!

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Try something new they said. So that was my challenge for this week, and I also got to introduce a Galway audience to the brand of poetic humour that Dublin and Tullamore has come to expect from our Carty!

The open mic night at the Roisin Dubh was something I had wanted to partake in for a while. From the poetry to the comedy gigs down there, I am a regular attendee, normally a heckler ...

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Coffin Ships of the Modern Age


Fading from the News... Issues still relevent... Posted 7 Seconds Ago


Coffin Ships of the Modern Age

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Tomás Ó Cárthaigh


Fading from the news, the issues of refugees, either economic or political dying in the Mediterranean are still relvent and must be kept alive until the issue is sorted.


Its just news, another raft or ship
Upended, ...

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Let Death Have For You No Fear

Let Death Have For You No Fear

Posted on April 14, 2015 by Tomás Ó Cárthaigh


Master Greene was a Ballinalee schoolteacher who learned the Irish Traveller cant and ended up teaching it to the grandchildren of the woman who taught it to him, who had it forgotton… he died at the ripe old age of 106!

That we all may live as long… and as well!

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