The Potential for Light

Weren’t we always taught from day one,

that as soon as we see the moon,

there goes the sun.


Well don’t you think we’ve been staring at the moon too long,

knowing there’s a sun?

Knowing the something out there, is a something that’s bright.

And maybe our planet is dark,

but I have not failed to notice the hidden light.


The lights in the eyes of a laughing child,

in the smile worn wrinkles of someone who’s lived 80 years,

in the light of an adventure to a place unexplored.

In the story that makes you remember what feelings were,

as opposed to emotions on a keyboard.


And wouldn’t you feel a shiver too?

If you realized you spent all your days,

looking at the light from a screen.

Instead of the light in people.

Light that I’ve seen.


I can with certainty say,

that I’m moved to believe the earth,

held together by fraying threads,

could be knit together at the stomach

by the potential for light which we all hold in our heads.


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patrick D Ortiz

Thu 18th Jan 2018 18:08

well said and thought out..real people real feelings real friendship in writing let that always be us..

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Tue 2nd Jan 2018 22:51

This is beautiful👍

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