i still think of you

those sunsweet mornings

evenings romanticized by some unseen certainty

moonlit nights sipping seconds with undeniable ecstasy


tear from me this moment why don’t you

this time I had to love you was never mine

counting down, your dark eyes turn pale blue


this innate part of me, parts with bared teeth

clenched jaws, white knuckles and teary eyes

if I hold on

will we meet this word called compromise


if i sing to you

you sing along

you won’t see me swaying

your heart will do the same


tell me what this means

lingering love, bitterness or the aftertaste of inbetween

she’s been kissing your neck

bruised, purple

i only wanted to plant sunlight on your forehead


i don’t have time for moving on,

the stars don’t have much time

to die, to be reborn

they’re lost in anticipation of dawn


i write to you

more often than not

some days I watch the snow fall,

and wait for some forgotten feeling in you not to be forgot


i still think of you

◄ Apathy


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patrick D Ortiz

Wed 16th Jan 2019 18:53

very tender and soul searching.. loved it

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