It Was Almost Love

Do you remember,

how it felt to be in love with him?

When the words from his lips

were like honey to yours.


Don’t you recall

the way it felt to hold her in your arms?

When the sight of her smile,

made you believe love was a thing that endures.


Remember when you used to love the sighs he let out in his sleep?


You used to adore his barefoot driving,

his terrible timing,

how he could never spell things right in his writing.


When you were younger you raced raindrops down a window.

Now you just hope the windows rolled up.

Don’t bother watching the raindrops,

if they’re not fast enough.


Was there a time,

when you could map out the freckles on his hand

as effortlessly as you could sing your favorite song?


Did you ever pause

to think this love could go wrong?


Because he used to be

the one you wanted to kiss when you grew old.

Because she used to warm your soul.


Now this spark has gone cold.


Too many times timed too long.

Too many rights written wrong.

Too many car rides barefoot driving with the stereo not on.


Not even one song.


If you had been told you were going to treat him

like a collision with a stranger on a rainy day,

would you have loved him just a little harder?

Or would you have decided not to stay?


You both taught me that love and tolerance

could be the same,

it was enough to keep me realizing that love is pain.


Because you made her heart just a little icier,

the world a little less enticing to her.


And now she can’t even feel the snow.


Mom, Dad.

Where’d this love go?


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Candice Reineke

Thu 1st Nov 2018 22:10

Raw truth. Really good, Sarah.

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Jon Stainsby

Thu 1st Nov 2018 20:25

Beautifully melancholy.

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