Today, my soul feels restless.

But for me that's just today, 

for you there's not another day to feel any other way. 


Besides breathless. 


God I want so badly to help you.

Please come back for just one moment

so I can help you.


Somehow we lost you in the laughter.

We didn’t think you could be hurting.

You loved just hard enough.

If I pulled the sun back here to earth, would the night still come after?


But you’re not here anymore.

It all seems colder.


Suddenly something seems quite impossible.

And that’s growing older.


I’m sorry we let you go so soon.

You slipped right out of our fingers,

leaving not just our mountain.

This time is marked by sunlight in counting.


Your bones deserve breath.


Your arms deserve another embrace.


Why couldn’t he intervene.

A little more kindness,

a little less blindness

in its place.


You told her,

you marveled how a woman taught you so much about being a man.

You taught us what it meant to love.

You taught us that four letters were better than slumber.
Our time is measured in love not by number.  


Where has the light gone?
I’m not sure why everyone still smiles.

But I suppose healing too long makes us fragile.

Where is the relief?
You cheated the system and found it faster.

This is a different kind of sadness.

I feel broken.
Like the only thing that could repair me

is out of reach from this ghost of a heart callous.


Your soul was beautiful.

Your smile made the mountains movable.


I know you’re seeing me write this.

I love you eric.


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Jon Stainsby

Thu 29th Nov 2018 17:26

I love this, Sarah. Wonderful

Kate G

Thu 29th Nov 2018 07:41

Astounding. I felt every word. Thanks Sarah.

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