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Not taught anymore

I am relaxed emotion gone

clear in mind of what is needed

lost for words when I thought the time

to spew hate would finely arrive and time freezes

for me it’s 5am now always


My future is moving to shadow

days no longer have length

This Water depthless would show

were I to crimson turn it

little or nothing of the man

A soulless red stain rim tide

on white porcelain


Grip the wrist of my wrinkled

palm, not even a slip in helping

my other now pushing me down

Face warm resisting to spit

reflex to gag seems accepting

soapy warm I need to drink down



Where is the pain in stopping breathing?

Froglike I am blinking eyes not stinging

How easy is it to drown?

This bath feels deeper than any

lake or sea

Unexpected this, such danger in being alone

fear has fled even panic it seems

will not call, instead courage overpowering

allays to push me headlong


Let go

step through

I quit

All this life undone now, being pulled

not pushed

I regret every hour............................

I struggled for rainbows

Wrestled with sunny days














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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 25th Jul 2013 11:34

I take your point, Richard. 'The Bath' was written some years back, and slightly reworked before posting. But your particular lines 'This bath feels deeper....such danger in being alone' definitely flow along the same thought channel as my idea.

You have a good poem here with great diction developing a strong mood. I did wonder why the issue was clouded between 'drowning' and 'cutting'. I'm also surprised that there are no other comments. But I missed it weeks ago also. Which only emphasizes that good poems often slip under the radar. Never take it personally.

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Sun 12th May 2013 21:09

Upsetting,touching,dark,compelling. Possibly one of your best for me mate! 'I struggled for rainbows,wrestled with sunny days'

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