Spirit of the air

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Are you talking to me?
are you singing? I hear you.
One string strung,
whale-like we resonate
wind struck a single lasting chord
You pull me tug at all that I am
I stare back at you...    


as if trying to escape you could
exist without my tether
we struggle together one
I won’t let go Never For Ever

Spirit of the air, wind tipped
tale streaming ripping vapour
tearing skies, you dance across
the sun, above reflected blue.
Keys of wind to possess
still days our only jailer,
colours broken by shadow
flightless sorrow in fabric
paper yellow and blue

Talk to me or sing, of what
you see staring back at me
of how it feels to be so free
yet held my object my outer-soul.
I envy you, oh if we could trade
If we could you for I
I for you, in a heartbeat

If I were to let go and give you
your twisting freedom now 
through falling white clouds
would you wear like a veil
to soar a moment alone.
Falling through my life
falling to your death
only this wind to deny
your breath.
I won’t let go Never For Ever
Or should I?


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<Deleted User> (11459)

Thu 10th Oct 2013 16:25

really airy

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Fri 21st Jun 2013 14:18

love this poem mate some deep stuff in here cant get on to chat tho

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