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You cant imagine my life now

you have no comprehension 

understanding compassion 

empathy love

Its easy for you

your life continues to move

mine is hollow 

all that fills my soul is sadness

tempered by bitter hate 

resentment disbelief hurt loss


How is your view

does it pervade 

hedged in shadow

is it wall-less and free

free of me 

are you happy now


Rythemed with pain embedded 

and hurtful reflecting is something

I no longer like to do

knowing the happiest days 

of my life lay not in wait

but in shadow 


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chris yates

Thu 2nd Jun 2016 10:48

Touching sad the last lines evoke such strong emotions "knowing the happiest days of my life lay not in wait but in shadow "
Well written x c

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Sun 22nd May 2016 17:41

a very good poem that gets across the other side of a split ...the loss of what we once had as the norm....one of your best ...keep going mate

Thomas Johnson

Tue 3rd May 2016 18:30

I know exactly how this feels. Thank you for putting this pain into words, and keep up the creativity. Create something beautiful when bad things happen. It's the ultimate way to appreciate that self destructive emotion, and convert it into a positive passion.

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