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The Climate is changing, affecting the whole world,

affecting every living thing on the Earth,

with very many losers, most of whom will be

unrealised, unrecognised and uncounted.


Climate stats start with the number of people who

are impacted – nations displaced, islands gone, plains

flooded, livelihoods destroyed and peoples distraught

and we hear of folk’s plight weekly, in new events.


We’re wholly anthropocentric – our whole entire

discourse focusses on human impacts, even

when changes in avian migration timescales

and insect life cycles indicate the changes.


Our self-image is that we’re this apex life-form,

apparently distinct from the ‘wild’ life, unlinked

to the ‘natural’ world, we’re unnatural through

intellect, culture, industry, technology.


Truth is – we’re part of nature, and all nature is

linked in the interconnected web binding all

life forms together, and to the planet, through our

relationships of food, habitat and function.


We thought we’d bent the webs to suit our advantage,

changing the function of other life forms to suit us,

to manage for food – in the process destroying

the wildwood, the prairie, the jungle – our planet.


Were we truly that apex lifeform, we’d know our

function is to nurture and care for all life forms,

we’ve had the choice – capable of love – and we chose

to use our abilities to exploit, destroy.


Our capability lets us understand our

world, we could care for and preserve her using this

knowledge, but we’ve persisted in our efforts to

dominate, change and, ultimately, destroy her.

climate change

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Fri 24th Jan 2020 06:44

Thanks for your comments, Tom and Don - really appreciate them.

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Don Matthews

Thu 23rd Jan 2020 21:17

Very good Rich....

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Thu 23rd Jan 2020 17:09

Brilliantly laid out and plainly argued. It's a shame the WoL player cuts you off half-way through but I enjoyed the reading too. Great writing Rich.

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