Ever Since

Ever since I remember, the forests have burned,

governments have suppressed, and the Markets have ruled,

and ever since I remember, there’s been a groundswell,

a movement – resistance in the face of inevitable doom,

and ever since I remember, nothing has changed, nothing has been done,

the Forests burn, the oceans warm, the ice melts,

and, ever since I remember, we edge past points of no return,

species loss, poisoned Earth, spills, clean ups and cover ups

and ever since I remember, it’s been us, together, collectively responsible,

unable to act – in technical denial – despite plentiful opportunity,

and ever since I remember it’s been commerce versus everything else

and it’s all bulldust as Forests Burn, Cultures die, Humans walk the Earth,

and ever since I remember, we’ve been taught to say, “I want one, too”;

even as we lose so much to make them, we all want one, too

and ever since I remember Forests Burn, Activists Die, Culture subsumes Culture

And in the end, after all is said and done: the last trees felled, the last peoples integrated,

we’ll know we did the right thing, at each crossroads, because at least we had a strong economy.

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