We are an outward expression of our values,

moral compasses navigating circumstance,

life experience refining understanding,

enhancing behaviour – our outward expression:

our values manifest in our reputation.


A few billion individuals roam Earth,

each with a unique value set – truly diverse

lives and cultures – recognising and valuing

behaviour in different degrees, based on

perceived value and personal contribution.


Putting self’s needs subsidiary to the whole

community, to other people, relies on

compassion and patience – an ability to

contribute wholly to the common good,

to act with the future in mind enhances lives.


Conversely, living for today, in denial

of tomorrow’s needs, with flagrant disregard

for the common good, our impact on each other

and putting self first, at everyone’s expense

degrades the experience of communities.


Justifiably, folk exhibiting the first

set become celebrated, appreciated

role models, knitting culture together,

ensuring perpetuation off their good will

as folk emulate their idols in earned respect.


Selfish traits create communities where neighbour

cannot trust neighbour, hierarchies built on fear,

forcing skewed, cut-throat values where each must fight each,

through necessity, in trust’s absence, each fighting

for advantage – or a meagre shadow-existence.


Obviously, our judgement indicates beyond

doubt the consequences of both value sets,

which creates the stronger communities, bonding

folk in common benefit, supporting future

security in trusted inter-dependence.


Humanity as a whole displays the second

set, scrambling for advantage – proactively

ensuring the disadvantage of all rivals,

rather than building the bridges of trust, rather

than securing Earth’s future – not the status quo.


Our world is such that if we don’t join the bun-fight,

we will lose by default – fought out by others who

seek advantage – and we’re cognisant of this state;

we actively encourage our leaders to fight

the shadows – our paranoia beating our sense.


Perhaps we won’t blow ourselves off our shared planet,

but we are killing the place – quicker now, rather

than by degrees – once Earth’s riches are gone, they’re gone –

grandchildren will not admire species, wilderness,

clean oceans – we know what we’re doing, we don’t care.


History is watching, and will know us as self

centric communities bent on self destruction,

standing by as Mother Earth – we’re all indigenous –

dies at our hand, in pursuit of economic

growth and security – we’re just not safe from us.

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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Dec 2019 21:57

So true...So sad.....

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