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Paul Letch

Updated: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 02:21 pm

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I started creating when I was seventeen years old. Thoughts and feelings put into words that are charmed by there own melody. It may not be politically correct or unbiased but, it will be an experience of mine. I have been told that I should share my poems and so here they are, well...some of them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


The Popular Misconception Turn down the thermostat just another degree, It'll reduce your emissions of O2 you see, For the Planet is dying for want of a word, From the fossil fuels that mankind has burned, And them Bombs that they fired out in the Pacific, Of a Nuclear type to be quite specific, Firing millions of Bullets and shells the world over, Polluting our seas while Stripping the trees, Has been blamed on the masses for the sake of a Buck, Engineered by arms dealers who make their own luck! With their powerful lobby behind the scenes, The Political puppets just chirp out there dreams, With bedtime stories of an inconvenient truth, While the chaos spirals out of control, where will it end only Cockroaches will know. (C)Copyright 2009 Paul Letch Alias: Murky Pool Publishing Ltd. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Simply friends I walked beside you yesterday as i have done for a lifetime, Watching your body bend and sway as supple as a lifeline, When I admit to you of my love... and of my admiration, You hold my hand close to your heart.... and look into my soul, And softly, sweetly, whispered, Simply friends. (c)Copyright Paul Letch 2008 Murky Pool Publishing Ltd --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I saw your pain Grey art thou, falling from the sky, Duplicates of innocence, I felt you cry, What hideous demons descended, such power, with wings extended, To dull your eyes and halt you’re beautiful spirits path. I saw your pain, etched upon the face of man, Lifeless, hollow eyes, numbed by the visions unfolding, Hopes and dreams extinguished in a tangled mountain, the aftermath of madness, Cold grows the heavy heart thats bound in sorrow. ©copyright 2001 Paul Letch Alias: Murky Pool Publishers Ltd This Poem was written on the day of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. It radiates the sadness that was felt on that terrible day.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Wed 1st Jul 2009 00:25

Thank so much Paul for taking the time to read, listen, and comment on 'Je t'aime' That is so nice that it returned you to a time of youthful immersion in love...
Indeed... Love is everywhere : )

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Paul Letch

Sat 18th Apr 2009 21:17

Thank you for your lovely comment :0). I think you are right in your observation between the title and the last line in certain respects. It was included as a relationship of the witness being changed forever as a person, to be wearing that pain on his soul like a scar of shame for the lord to see. I may edit a little.... :0)

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Sat 18th Apr 2009 20:15

Bienvenue à WOL!
If I may... I love your poem 'I saw your pain'
It is nicely written with a lot of emotion,
however if you dropped the last line completely it would have so much more of an impact because the title reflects your feelings as does the poem itself... : )

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