Love in an open wound


I sat beside you on that fateful day,

As they sutured your wrists in A&E,

Their failure to keep you safe,

Was no failure of ours or me,


For try as we may to get you help,

Their ears were as deaf as their eyes,

Now we sit..... in our tortured state,

In the hollow your passing creates,


You will always be with us inside our hearts,

For as long as our minds will last,

Though the love pains us to suffer your loss,

It's the burden we bare on our cross,


I am happy to have had the chance,

Of Bedtime stories and Rhymes,

The feel of your hand clasped in mine,

As we travelled this life, in that time,


Memories of laughter ring true,

High jinx with mates in your room,

Such fun....

Such games....

Such love....

Such loss....

Such agony....

Such pain....

Oh despair!


I turn to speak.....


You're not there.....................




By Paul R Letch


Anthony     September 1979 –  November 2013



© 14/03/2015 Paul R Letch.


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