Clogs & Shawles

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Stone slab pavements,
with cobbled streets.
Working class towns-folk.
with coker clad feet,
Women with shawls on,
the men wearing caps,
A rare hardy breed, both
women and chaps,
The whistle has blown,
their all in a flurry
They dare not be late, so
they all have to hurry.
~ 2~
The houses were terraced
and all in a row,
Two up-two down, with a
stone flagged
We did'nt have a
bathroom, our "loo" was
out of doors. a mangle in
the backyard for
wringing out our clothes.
~3 ~
The streets they were our
playground, we did'nt
venture far, we wern't in
too much danger,
from passing tram or car.
But fun we had in plenty,
and our toys were
very few,
And our clothes were
always dirty, but we
always made them do.
Our mums & dads, they
worked so hard on doc-
land or the mills, they
could'nt afford a holiday,
or suffer any ills,
But we were only children
and didn't understand,
and we believed our
mums anddads, were the
finest in the land.
Life was good when we
were kids, we did'nt
give a damn,
No gourmet meals upon
the table, but we had
bread and jam,
We had hot-pot on
occasion, oh my was that
a treat,
Made by a white haired
lady at the bottom
of our street.
Alas, those days have
passed us by, our child-
hoods slipped away,
But in my heart those
days live on, although
my hairis grey,
My memories walk those
cobbled streets, where
my sisters used to play,
And to hear the voice of
mum & dad, now sadly
passed away.
I'm in the autumn of my
life now and regrets
are very few, I don't
count my misfortunes,
I have better things to do.
Instead i count my
blessings, of which i have
galore, and no man living
upon this earth,
could really ask for more.
So farewell my
generation, the likes we'll
see no more
No more sitting round the
fire upon a stone
flagged floor,
The sound of clogs in
gas-lit streets, are relics
of our past,
And the memories of
long ago, will forever
PS... The white-haired
lady in verse 5 was Mrs
Moon of Crook St Preston
We lived in catherine st,
No 1 Preston Lancs at the
time. circa 1940.

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Greg Freeman

Sat 14th Jan 2012 09:21

I really enjoyed this, George. You paint a wonderful picture.Thanks.

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Ann Foxglove

Sat 14th Jan 2012 07:21

Great to see you posting - and a lovely poem too. And what a fab photo to illustrate it!

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