Snippets from "Oldlancsmans" Diary.Part One,

I was born on the 7th day of June,1938.hence my username. I was born into a working class family, a fact i,ve been proud of all my life,and will continue that pride.  Being born in such humble circumstances has enabled me to go through life without any airs or graces,so what you see is what you get, my education was very basic, very basic indeed,and i feel my writing may reflect this,but i,ll give it a try,and hope you enjoy.           The house i was born in was a two up and two down, it was situated on the corner of Catherine st, and swan st in the town of Preston,N.W.Lancs (now a city ?).it had a back-yard with an outside loo in  one corner,and a tin bath hung from a nail on the wall.the back door opened onto Swan st.       I was blessed with four sisters,Glady's, Ellen, brenda, and Ruth.  Our dad John or Jack as he was sometimes called was,nt in the best of health and his ability to work suffered because of it,this affected our income,which was rather poor even for the 1940s but all the neighbours were in similar circumstances,and so life went on.     Our mum bless her was a hard working lancashire lass,a down to earth woman who had worked in the cotton mills most of her life,and i remember coming home with cotton fluff still clinging to her lovely brown hair and she wore an apron with a pocket that carried the small tools of her trade, i used to meet her on my way to school dinners, whil,st she was on her dinner break,she gave me a hug and a penny to spend at Gaskins shop situated in Ribbleton Lane,a penneth of peanut butter was a welcome treat.    On the corner of our street stood a large imposing cast iron lamp post it was lit by gas and illuminated the area,we used to tie a rope to the top of the lamp and swing round and round in ever decreasing circles until we banged our heads on the none forgiving was the simple pleasures of our lives.  to be cont............. 






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